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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

ON NOTICE: Jim Coleman Honda

I went to Jim Coleman Honda ONCE, right before I moved out of Howard County.  I gave them my cell phone number to call me when my car was ready.  Now, I get phone spam from them all the time.  It's always during the day, so I don't answer because I don't recognize the number.  It's a recording, it goes on my voice mail, so I get charged minutes both for an incoming call and for when I check the voice mail.  Once I sit through the entire message (which is an advertisement and usually like 5 minutes long), it says "to remove yourself from this list, press 1 now" or something similar, but since I didn't answer and it's my voice mail, I can't.  So, I went to Jim Coleman Honda's website to remove myself or at least send them a nasty gram.  Their website sucks, contains something (a java applet?  flash?  who knows?) that hung up firefox for me, so that I had to restart my firefox session (and I'm kind of working, so that sucked).  I went in IE, and there's no email address on their site and I don't feel like calling them.

I will not be visiting Jim Coleman Honda again in the future, which isn't difficult as I don't live or work near there anyway.  They've been a thorn in my side and a waste of my time ever since I went there.

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