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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

RIP: Tom Sarris' Orleans House 1964-2008

Ok, ok.

The "horrible" news, because I need to post it because I'm successfully freaking people out.

And this is a big deal to me, so give me a break.

Tom Sarris' Orleans House, which is my all-time favorite restaurant and always has been, is closing. The original article states that it's closing today, and I only found out about it today, so I'm not 100% certain when it closed or if it closed or what the deal is, I haven't seen a more recent article about it. Dave let me know first thing this morning... HE knows it's a big deal. Here is the article.


This is very sad.

I started going to Tom Sarris' when I was a sparkle in my mother's eye (maybe my love of steakhouses is why my family thought I'd be a boy??). This was ALWAYS where we went if we were going into DC, and I LOVED it. It's a family icon. I was there for Sharon & Shelly's high school graduation celebration. I was there for at least one of Bo's birthdays (he's a vegetarian, so I don't know whose idea that was). I was there with Shelly & Patrick when we went to see Miss Saigon at the Kennedy Center (this was on Shelly's birthday and also was the night that OJ was outrunning the cops in the white Bronco - I missed that event since I was at the theatre). I was there with Dave for the first time when we went to see The Phantom of the Opera in 1997. I was there with Nick and Sabrina and Dave when we went to see The Producers. I could recognize a lot of the people that worked there, and I will miss this place.

I'm not 100% certain when I ate there last, but I know I never took Todd. We tried to go there the night of Marine Corps 2006, but it was closed because of the race. The last time I was there was when I ran by for the 2007 Marine Corps Race...

Goodbye yummy food and steamboat salad bar... another part of my past goes away.

Tom Sarris', Marine Corps Marathon 2006


Nick said...

Well, thank goodness it wasn't as horrible as I was thinking, still it's pretty sad.

I remember the same pangs of loss when the Dan-Dee restaurant finally closed. Though, it had changed owners and never was the same. But to this day I miss the fritters and relish tray.

Sandra said...

glad it wasn't anything too horrible, still sad though.

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