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Friday, February 1, 2008

Katie Holmes & NYC

Ha... Did Katie Holmes Run the NYC Marathon??



Lyss said...

Love it! Very interesting!

Kim said...

For the record, since I didn't say much on my original post...

Despite my dislike of Katie Holmes and as much as I'd love to point out something that she potentially cheated on, I do not think she cheated and I do think she ran the whole thing.

It's harder than one thinks to cheat at a marathon. She'd have had to have gotten someone to run over the timing mats, and she would have had to have gotten herself from place to place somehow - car, taxi, limo, subway... and someone would have seen her. She's Katie Holmes after all. One would think she had reporters out looking for her the whole time... one of them certainly would have caught her.

The movie premiere that night seems iffy, but it's certainly not unheard of.

And, well, I think she's in better shape than the time she got. So, I think she actually ran it pretty slow for her. That would generally explain a lot of things. Not to mention that she had a support staff with her, which none of us ever do.

So... yeah, I think she ran it.

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