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Monday, March 31, 2008

13 Miles on a Treadmill

I'm just really proud of myself.  I ran 13 miles this weekend on a treadmill.  To me, this is HUGE. 

What happened was that I was supposed to run Saturday morning with my group at the trail.  However, I was fighting a cold, which I thought was bad Friday, but then Saturday was really my worst day.  I ended up calling Sue on Saturday morning and her words to me were, "Uh, you don't sound good."  I spent Saturday on the sofa, sleeping and trying to get my B&O Railroad work done when I was conscious.  But, I was really mad that I'd missed the run.

Sunday came and hooray! I was feeling better.  Not perfect, but I was breathing better and not quite so congested.  I decided to try to run.  I chose the treadmill because 1) I was worried I'd have to bail on the run due to illness, and if I did so at the trail, I might be too far from my car.  On the treadmill, I could just stop.  2) With a cold, I didn't think 30-40 degree temperature running was a good idea.  3) I had to meet friends in the afternoon and couldn't afford the 45 minutes each way to the trail.  4) If running was stupid, Todd would be nearby in case something horrible happened.

I went slow, I watched Ocean's Eleven, which got me through the first 8 1/2 miles, then The Incredibles finished it off for me (hey, one of the characters in that movie runs really fast.).  I did 2:1s and only stopped once - to go upstairs and refill my water bottle at 6 1/2 miles.  It was not as bad as I thought it would be.  The movies relieved the boredom, and while I hacked and coughed, I was able to finish the run.  I took extra walk breaks a couple times when I was feeling bad.  I even felt great at the end of the run - fully able to climb stairs and rip up carpeting at my friends' house.

I'm proud.  Hooray for overcoming adversity!

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