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Sunday, March 16, 2008

2008 Shamrock 5k

Let's be honest: I don't like the Shamrock 5k. However, this was in fact the best of the 3 Shamrocks races that I've run.

We, meaning Todd and me, met up with Kristy and her friend Stephanie at Fleet Feet at 11:45. Karen and Bobby were just pulling up to open the store as we were heading out. Since I'd forgotten my camera (and my watch - gah!), Karen gave Todd her camera to take photos of the race (Todd chose not to run this race as he hates cold and weather is questionable for this one).

We made it downtown, parked, and made it to the starting line. Along the way and at the starting line we ran into a bunch of folks we knew - Joanna and her dad, Jim (Fleet Feet Jim) and Brenda, Gary from Fleet Feet, and a couple others.

The race started at 1:30 and it didn't seem so horribly crowded this year - probably because I started closer to the front of the pack than years past. We ran the first 6 minutes without stopping for a walk break and then picked up with 3:1s. Kristy was timing us since neither Stephanie nor I had a watch. Kristy claims that we did the first mile in 9:48, but I really have a hard time accepting that. If it's true, it's the fastest mile I've ever run.

Once we got into the second (no longer downhill) mile, I felt pretty tired and my stomach was starting to hurt. I kept up with Kristy until about 2 1/2 miles in, when she took off (she's doing excellent with her boot camp class!!!). I walked a tiny bit here and there, trying to recover enough to run the entire way down Pratt Street since that is where the spectators are.

The clock said 36 something when I crossed the finish line, but I had no idea how I really did.

Well... I set a new PR. Finally. Final time was 35:29, my previous PR was 35:41 set at the 2005 Baltimore 5k. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy day! All of the training and running I've been doing is finally paying off.

And so, we start the 2008 Training Season (I think of the Shamrock 5k as the first race of the season and Disney as the last race of the season). It's a good start!

race results


Todd said...

You kept up with Kristy for 3 1/2 miles??? The race was only 3.1 miles... Something doesn't add up there.

Kim said...

I corrected it, smartass.... :)

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