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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Bug Helps With Laundry

I took half a day as a sick day today. I had finished the work I needed to finish for the week and I feel crappy with a cold, so, I'm home. And while I was here, I decided to put laundry in because honestly I can not keep up with it. The Bug helped. He's gotten to really love the laundry baskets... I go through this EVERY TIME I do laundry.

Laundry Room: Running clothes come out of the dryer. The Bug expects a ride in the empty basket. In fact, I'm taking the full one behind him upstairs.

Upstairs: As I empty the running clothes basket, The Bug jumps in for a ride.

Still Upstairs: The basket is now empty... Well, except for one thing.

Still upstairs: Full Basket!!

Still upstairs: Yes, he is still in the basket under the clothes. He chooses this - does it all the time.

Back downstairs: In the laundry room, he is still in the basket. He's happy to have gotten a ride.

HEY! It's the paparazzi!

The clothes are in the washer... where is the Bug?

Oh, there he is.

1 comment:

Nick said...

Shadow used to do that. She'd want to ride in baskets and wheelbarrows. We obliged her. It was funny to see her stand on the edge, like a sailor on the prow of a ship, surveying her domain.

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