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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Buy Used: More Thoughts on Cars

In discussing cars, here's another option that I hadn't brought up...  used cars.

If I'm concerned about the environment, I should buy a USED car.  Over and over, I've read articles where people have written in about hybrids and should you buy a hybrid car.  I mentioned before that I'm skeptical of the gas mileage that hybrids actually get and how good they are for the environment... especially when people are often ditching a perfectly viable car that they're currently driving only to buy a NEW hybrid vehicle - which requires raw materials and waste products, and energy to create and build.

It seems like the best thing I can do for the environment (and this, I guess, is my final decision about buying a car) is to keep driving the car I currently have, keep it well maintained, and when I feel like I need to buy a car, I should buy a used one.  Whether or not that used car will be a hybrid or not is yet to be seen.

Articles of note:
The Best and Worst Cars for the Environment
"Green" Or Environmentally Friendly Used Cars
Want to Save the Environment? Buy Less Stuff!! ***

*** I so agree with this and have been trying really hard to buy less stuff, reuse and use craigslist and freecycle as much as possible.


Lyss said...

Do you have a CR-V? I do - would be funny if we both did! Ben's been looking at cars and I feel the same way you do. I wonder if waiting a year or 2 would give us more choices in hybrids... I really like the Ford Edge, but no hybrid option. Good luck!

Kim said...

Yeah, I have the CR-V. It's not really very ME anymore.

I don't really feel like shelling out a bunch of cash anyway, I guess.

Sandra said...

Remember if you get rid of your current car, someone is buying it so in a sense... recycling. My car is going on 10 yrs. Has a cassette player, ugh!

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