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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Experiment: Diettogo

A bunch of people at work decided to try Diettogo.  I had never heard of it, then I thought it was a waste of money, then I decided to try it when I heard how flexible the meal plans are.

Here's how it works: Local gyms in the area are Diettogo distribution centers.  I am going to a gym in Owings Mills to get my meals, right around the corner from my office.  You can sign up for a 1200 calorie or a 1600 calorie plan.  The meals are the same for both, but the 1200 calorie plan is smaller portions than the 1600 calorie plan.  They offer breakfast, lunches and dinners, and you can choose to get any combination of them for any number of days per week.  I am doing the 1200 calorie plan, breakfast and lunch only, 5 days per week.  It's running me about $7 per meal, which is more expensive than what I've been doing, but not the most I've paid for meals per day either.  Meals are healthy and light and pre-prepared.

So, Tuesdays and Fridays I go and pick up my meals at the gym.  For me, Tuesdays I get Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's meals, and then Friday I pick up Monday and Tuesday's meals.  My first pick up was last night and my first meal was breakfast this morning.  At least 4-5 people here at work have been doing it for about a week.

So, what do I think?

Better than Lean Cuisine, and it gives me some variety.  Even if I choose to prepare my own lunches and bring them in, I'm still ending up eating the same thing day after day, or at least a few days in a row.  Today, I had blueberry pancakes and turkey sausage for breakfast and it was a lot better than I expected - actually, quite delicious and filling!  The plans are fairly flexible - you can substitute out meals you don't want and repeat ones that you really like.  Packaging is a bit wasteful, but I feel that way about a lot of stuff these days.  I am so tired of Subway and Lean Cuisines, that this will be a good change.  I am not planning on doing it forever, probably just for a month or two, as something different.  There's no long term commitment, so that is nice.  So far, surprisingly convenient and affordable...

This wasn't a good week for me to start though.  I was asked to go out to lunch today (second time in 2 weeks, and I so rarely eat out for lunch).  Friday I'll be in Florida, so I have 2 extra lunches sitting around that I have to find something to do with.  I'm sure that I'll figure it out.

If you decide you'd like to try it, let me know so that I can give you a code to enter that will give you a discount - I think a significant discount of like $20. 

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