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Friday, March 14, 2008

The O-Word

I was doing some web surfing during my lunch break and came across this article on "The O-Word" (Obesity). It's a very interesting article. A friend whom I run with runs programs for health and community and was talking to me recently about how obesity programs have become THE THING for governments and organizations to tackle. And yet, as this article points out, obesity isn't necessarily what we should be focused on.

The article points out that weight alone shouldn't be what we're using to classify good health, and the downsides to doing so. It discusses the affect that focus on weight gives to mental health and well-being, and how fad diets encourage people to eat poorly by sacrificing nutrition for weight loss (this was my point about Weight Watchers a while back). A quote I love:

We are not advancing the health of people who are overweight when going to gym means being silently judged and getting weighed at the doctor's office feels like receiving a negative report card. Yet, that is exactly the experience many obese individuals say they face when they choose to make medical appointments or start a fitness program.

:( Get out there and do it anyway!! Not everyone is judging you... I have more respect for the 300 pound women walking on the treadmill than I do for the vain guy staring at his muscles in the mirror at the gym.

It seems that obese individuals are faced with conflicting messages – that they need to exercise to lose weight, but that they should not exercise because they are overweight.

I had this exact conversation with Todd the other day. This is how I felt when I first started working out. It's why I chose home workouts over the gym. I wish more people would find what works for them, because trust me, there is something.

Anyway, check out the article because it's interesting.

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