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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesdays Suck.

I'm just in a bad mood.  I didn't run last night, and maybe that's part of it (I have a theory that running regulates my moods).  However, I also switched medications a week and a half ago, which has made my stomach sick every morning since.  It's supposed to eventually go away and I should get used to it (two months, I've heard), but for now it's just annoying.  So, that's getting on my nerves.  Then, I was a half hour late to work this morning because some jackass on 795 wrecked.  I'm only on 795 for maybe a mile and a half, but that mile and a half made me a half hour late.  I could run faster than that.  The Bug has been a holy terror, testing us constantly.  He's probably ripping something up right now.

I'm just generally tired.  I am ready for spring to come, but now that it's showing up I'm not as excited about it for some reason.  I'm ready for a day off of work (which is coming, I go to Florida in less than 2 weeks).  Turks & Caicos can't come fast enough.

1 comment:

Lyss said...

I completely believe that running or any sort of exercise positively affects mood. I've seen that effect personally. Don't be hard on yourself. Just do what you can!

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