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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Diving Update

Vacations are killing me because Current Employer doesn't give me very much vacation time at all.  It's irritating to have found something that I've really come to love but have to have both money and vacation time to do it.  Yes, I can dive in the Atlantic, there are wreck dives off of Fenwick and Ocean City, but there are 2 problems with that: It's cold there, and I am a little fearful of the dive conditions in the Atlantic.  I have a lot of experience now, having dove 70 dives, but they were all in warm tropical waters. 

So, the solution to my fear of the Atlantic is to get more trained.  We're going to be taking our Advanced Open Water Certification soon, and then I'll have dove locally (since 6 dives in a quarry is a requirement of the AOW Certification).  I have a HUGE respect for the sport of diving.  I know how dangerous it is and therefore I think it's important to stay educated.  I'm excited about it also, because it's something new.  After that, I'll be looking at taking the Stress & Rescue course, since I want to be a good buddy and be able to help people in distress.

The solution for the vacation problem is... We are going back to Bonaire.  We spent some time looking at what to do for our second dive trip of the year, trying to figure out vacation schedules, etc.  The Pacific was suggested (and I'm now determined that the Pacific will come in 2009 when I have more vacation time), as well as Hawaii (yes, technically the Pacific), and many many islands in the Caribbean.  We ended up deciding on TWO more trips this year, one in early fall/late summer, one in late fall/early winter.  Since we couldn't decide Bonaire or someplace new, if we take two trips, we can do BOTH.  It only required some finagling on my part, but it worked out. 

I've been reading a lot of diving books lately, so I'll have some reviews to share soon.  I expect to finish my latest (Diver Down) this week.

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