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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I used to have a dream, about every month or two, starting sometime around 2002, and the last time I had it was summer 2006. There were variations, but the basic theme was that I was in a building (usually the oceanfront condo in Ocean City that my family used to have). Sometimes my mom and Vic or other members of my family was there, sometimes Dave was there, sometimes not. A tidal wave or flood was coming. Usually a tidal wave, and I knew we had to get away and either we couldn't in time or some other factor was going on. Sometimes, I was alone and wanted people to help me. I would wake up either right as the wave hit or right before.

It was freaky. I had that dream often.

Like I said, that dream is over. I don't have it anymore. But, I realized I've got a new one. I had to have it several times before I picked up on it. The new dream is that I'm in an amusement park, and I'm either standing in line for or riding a roller coaster. Last night, I was riding with a stranger who was trying to talk to me.

I need to have it a few times to understand it more and figure out what the common elements are.

I've also had a few dreams lately where I'm in a grocery store. Neither are as scary as the tidal wave dream.

... and when I'm on a dive trip, I dream that I'm at work or going about my daily life, above water, and a fish randomly will swim by. Those are funny dreams.

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