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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Grandma's 90th Birthday Party

So, Todd and I headed down to Virginia this morning for my Grandma's 90th birthday party. It was our job to pick her up for her big day, so we went to her house this morning and took her to the Hair Cuttery and then back to her house to get ready. Then, it was off to the party, which was in Warrenton.

It was a huge event! My Aunt Linda did a great job putting the party together and it was very nicely done. I learned a ton of new things about the family that probably everyone but me knows. Somebody needs to write it all down... if I had good enough notes, I could write a biography. I do like to write (hint hint to family members that read this blog).

Anyway, there were a ton of photos and a big family tree that my Uncle Ken has been working hard to put together. I also found out how my grandmother and her 12 siblings got their names, and that one of my relatives died in a prison for union officers in 1862 (even though it seems highly unlikely that anyone in my family would have fought for the union, so it's speculated that he was there for some other reason). The prison was Libby Prison, if you're curious, Nick... do you know of a way to find out more info on that?

We had a nice meal and a few people said a few words. We learned the story of my grandma's life, and then watched a video of photos and tributes.

Good times, but a long day. Happy birthday, Grandma!!

Vic, Grandma & my Mom

Todd, Grandma & Me

My cousin, Lori & Me

Todd & Me

Dad & Me

Back Row, L to R: Brad (Lori's Husband), Jerry (Lisa's Husband), Frank (Sharon's Husband), Patrick (Shelly's Husband), my cousin Paul, my brother Bo, my cousin David
Front Row, L to R: Me, my cousin Lori, my cousin Lisa, Grandma, my sister Sharon, my sister Shelly, Karen (David's wife), my aunt Nancy

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