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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hooray SIGG!

We first discovered SIGG bottles from the manager at Southern Cross Club in Little Cayman. He really loves them and swears by them. Well, we've been reading and hearing about the problems with plastic bottles and polycarbonate #7 and we finally decided to upgrade from plastic bottles to SIGG bottles.

They ROCK! Todd bought two the other day, and I have two coming in the mail. I got a sport bottle for running and a classic bottle for work. If you want to order, I found good deals at (I also got a lunch bag) and you can use a coupon code f70838 to save 20% today.

I got the red bottle on the right...


Abby said...

Brendan and I have been using Sigg bottles for about a year now, and we love them too! I was just telling Mary, Nick and Joanna about how great they are on Saturday :).

Wacky Neighbor said...

Big fan of - we have some grocery and produce bags and a canteen from them, too.

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