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Sunday, April 27, 2008

One Week

One week until the Frederick Half Marathon.

I'm sitting here negotiating with myself about running. I've had a less-than-motivated few days. I ran my run fine on Tuesday, and then Thursday I fully intended to, but then the bed and time spent with Todd (bad influence sometimes) seemed more fun. Plus, Thursday, I decided I could run Friday. Friday, we didn't have time to run because we had a dinner date with Todd's family. So, yesterday, I did my second short run of the week. Even that was a bit silly because I wanted to sleep in (as my Twitter said, this is my last weekend of sleeping in before running begins), and so I didn't start my run until about 10am, and by then the sun was up and strong and hot. I attempted to run on the treadmill instead (funny how in cold weather I run outside and Todd runs on the treadmill and in hot weather I run on the treadmill and Todd has no issue running outside). However, my iPod was completely dead and I didn't want to run on the treadmill with no iPod. So, I reluctantly ran outside, hot, miserable.

... so, now. I'm supposed to do my long run today. This was part of my Thursday/Friday self-negotiation. It's better running weather today, being overcast and cooler. However, I am still sitting here telling myself that I can do the long run tomorrow and run the weekly short runs on Wednesday and Friday (since the race is Sunday). Have I learned nothing from the past few days? First, tomorrow there is a 90% chance of rain and since Todd is clearly running tomorrow, there is a 0% chance I will be able to use the treadmill tomorrow. Plus, I'm doing nothing and last night we went to Snickerdoodles, so I really should just go frickin run and I'll feel better. Blah. At a minimum, I can run up to the older part of the neighborhood and see if there are lilacs up there (lilacs are my favorite flower and I have yet to smell any this spring).

Not that I've done nothing this whole weekend, yesterday we ran a bunch of errands and got yard work done. Today, I finished up most of the B&O Railroad website and I only have a couple more things left to do there. Thank goodness, as that's been a big thing hanging over me.

Anyway, it's my taper week, so I really need to just go out and run an easy 6 miles or so.

In other news, I did do one Josh Hillis workout and it went well. However, I had serious second thoughts about starting a new and unfamiliar program the week of a 15 mile long run and two weeks before a target race, so I'll be picking up again with that on May 5.

Now... the Bug has crawled on my lap and has taken a position that is not at all comfortable for me and cannot possibly be comfortable for him. Yet another reason to go out and run. So, fine. Here I go out for a damned run.


Sandra said...

I love lilacs too, as they remind me of childhood (grandparents and parents homes). I drive by several big lilac bushes (trees?) and am tempted to stop and cut a few just to have around. I had one at my former house, and may have to add one to new home's yard. They seem to do well in PA.

Kim said...

As an update, I did see lilacs on my run, on the street where I figured I'd see some. I stopped and smelled the flowers :)

Good run, better for me than yesterday. I was wearing shorts and short sleeves, but Todd likely would have felt cold. It was misty, too!

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