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Friday, April 25, 2008

Review: Diettogo

Well, I've been using Diettogo now for maybe 6 weeks.  What do I think?

As I said in the link above, I pickup my food on Tuesdays and Fridays.  The gym I go to has a fridge, so if I can't pick up on the pick up day, I sometimes go Monday or Wednesdays before work (or one very late day, I went at lunch on Monday and missed the first meal).  Usually, food arrives fairly early and I usually go and pick up around lunchtime even though the website states that they only guarantee it to be there by 5pm.  I've found that even when I show up at 12:30 or 1pm, it's already there.  In fact, I just got back from picking up Mondays & Tuesdays meals a minute ago.  I'm only doing breakfast and lunches Monday through Friday, so I've never had their dinners.  I'm on the 1200 calorie low fat plan.

So, is it good?

It depends on your goal.  There are four others at my work also doing Diettogo and I've noticed two of them losing weight (the other two I either haven't seen or they were thin to begin with).  I wasn't really doing Diettogo to lose weight.  I was trying to lose weight, yes, but my main goal was to just get something convenient yet healthy to have at work for breakfast and lunch, and to get some variety.  For the most part, Diettogo has met those needs and gotten me pretty much to the goal weight that I had in mind for the Frederick Half Marathon.  An additional benefit is that it's encouraged me to eat a few more calories for breakfast and lunch than I was eating before.  I was eating too few calories during the day and this was bad for several reasons: potential slow metabolism during the day, insane hunger at times after 3pm, I was eating the majority of my calories at night and on bad things, and I was getting dizzy/nauseous during my evening runs.  These are all bad things that I've mostly resolved with Diettogo when I throw in a snack.  Even though I'm on the 1200 calorie plan, my real goal is 1500 calories per day, net.  For example, if I don't run or work out, I eat 1500 calories and if I do run and burn 400 calories, I eat 1900 calories that day.  On days when I run I must eat a snack in the afternoon to not feel bad during my run.

Any bad things?

Nothing horrible, and it shows because I'm sticking with it at least for a little while.  It can be a little bit of a pain to have to go pick up the food, but it's very close to my work and therefore including going into the gym to get it I'm usually only spending max of 10 minutes picking it up.  If you go out and pick up fast food everyday, this saves you the time three days a week.  The food tastes good for the most part.  This isn't gourmet and you're not going to be sending compliments to the chef everyday, but it's certainly equal to if not better than a Lean Cuisine, taste-wise (and usually more filling).  There were a couple of meals I didn't like, but there is a nice web form that allows you to substitute out a bad meal for one you really like better and they will bring you that one instead.  I've done this with a few meals during the month.  The low fat plan has some serious muffin-overload problems where if you want to bet at what the next breakfast is, it's likely a muffin (or a scone, which is just a dry version of a muffin).  Love muffins??  This is for you!  I've substituted out some of the less tasty muffins to get a little variety (getting pancakes instead).  Pancake day is awesome (today was a pancake day - blueberry!!). 

The cost is reasonable, and I am really enjoying it.  Once again, if you'd like to try let me know and I'll send you a coupon code to save some money.

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