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Friday, April 18, 2008

So Happy...

Spring feels so good.  It was weird because I looked forward to spring all winter and then went through this weird phase where as spring was approaching, I didn't want it to come.  But, now that it's here, I feel a lot better.  Flowers are blooming, things are looking pretty.  Yesterday after work, I went for my run wearing a singlet and shorts!  Yay!  After a shower, we took an evening drive in the little car and watched the sunset over the countryside (also listening to some good music, fresh off of iTunes...  has anyone heard of Landon Pigg?  That song is good).  It was still a little chilly, but a great night.

I've got a 15 mile run this weekend, so I'll have more time out in the nice weather (although I think it might rain this weekend).  I'm ready to plant flowers again, even though last year's flowers were a total bust.  Is it too early to start planting?


Sandra said...

yes, too early to plant! don't be lulled by these first few warm days. see when last frost is and plant after...

Kim said...

Arg, that's ok because we've got a lot of stuff going on and seem to be busy every weekend.

Not to mention that I would love to do a full spring cleaning of the INSIDE of the house.

Kim said...

On another note, my template is messed up with comments and I tried to fix it and couldn't and I am frustrated.

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