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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Frederick Half Marathon 2008 - Photos

I posted another photo earlier, but here are my official race photos for people who just cannot see enough photos of me running...

Somewhere around Baker Park or Hood College (or both!!) It's funny because as I ran near Baker Park, I realized I hadn't been there since July 4, 1997 when I was there with the UMBC Gang. Dave and I got in a fight that day, which occupied my mind for a good 2 miles thinking about how I saw some definite signs of trouble even before I got married and should have thought that one through... Anyway, at least it gave me something to think about.

Also near Hood College

On the hill at mile 13

Approaching the finish line, still running strong!!!

At the finish

Yay! Another medal!

Awesome photo of Todd & Me

See more photos of this race...
Frederick Half Marathon 2008


Lyss said...

Awesome photos!

foxdeath said...

You look great, babe!

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