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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Frederick Half Marathon

The group at the start...
Top L to R: Ellen, Chris, Todd, Caryn, Doug
Bottom: Kristy, Natalie, Kim
(Thanks to Natalie for the photo)

Awesome race... After 2007 being such a horrible year, it is so nice to have some good things happening.

Saturday, we made our way to Frederick, finally getting to the Expo around 3pm. The expo was small, not nearly as exciting as others I've been to, but still ok, I guess. We headed out to our hotel and took a few minutes to relax before heading out to dinner at Il Porto with the group. We arranged to meet in the morning. Then, it was back to the hotel to relax some before going to bed. Oh, and we stopped at Giant and bought bananas :)

The alarm was to go off at 4:45, but it didn't matter because at 3:45 the prom night high schoolers that were next to us came back from prom, making as much noise as possible. We tried to sleep more, but it really didn't happen. So, we arose at 4:45 to get ready, meeting up with the group at 5:30 and heading to the fairgrounds. Start time was 6:30am.

First of all, the course was beautiful. Some was through downtown Frederick, some was through nice residential areas, around Hood College and at the end through cow pastures. The weather was beautiful - sunny and warm, breezy, but not overly so. Temperature was very nice. Excellent conditions, especially given that earlier in the week I thought it might be 50 degrees and rainy.

My plan was 12:30 minutes per mile, 1:1s. I was to stick with that 12:30 (or above, if necessary, since I didn't know the course) for the first 10 miles. At 10, I was to re-evaluate how I was feeling, potentially move to 2:1s and pick up the pace as much as possible. And after 10 miles, I could select any pace I wanted that I could maintain. My goal time was 2:45.

Well, I stuck to my plan perfectly. I had a couple faster miles, a couple slower miles, but in general I stayed right where I wanted to be. At 10, I attempted to speed up while staying at 1:1s, but that is where the hills picked up, so that made it difficult. I was pushing harder but keeping about a 12:40 pace. At mile marker 12, I was determined and switched to 2:1s. There was a big hill at the end, so that slowed me down some, but I still kept the 12:40 pace. Then, the run to the finish!

I ran my own race for once. I ran for a few minutes with Ellen, Caryn & Doug at the start, but then headed off. I ran with Ellen for a couple minutes before she passed me around mile 10, but in general I ran alone, stayed focused, and just in general ran a great race.

Kudos to Todd, who ran a sub-2-hour race, and he's also feeling excellent. :)

My final time was 2:44:30, right where I wanted it to be... Results

1 comment:

Lyss said...

Congrats!!! Fantastic time!

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