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Friday, May 9, 2008

Help Me Name My Plant

Aren't they nice?

Both plants were gifts from co-workers. The closer one in the green pot is Seamus, aka "Seamus the Shamrock" and "Seamus the Wonder Plant." Seamus was a gift from a co-worker who moved to Pittsburgh and I had loved his shamrock plant so much that he gave it to me when he left. Seamus is referred to as "The Wonder Plant" because he lived in my apartment for the year that I lived there, and one day last summer I hadn't been to my apartment in a while (one week? two weeks? who knows) because I'd been at Todd's everyday. Poor Seamus hadn't gotten water, had dried up and died. His poor little leaves were all dried up, wilted and dead. I mean, he was DEAD. I've killed lots of plants, I know it when I see a dead one.

So, out of guilt, I filled a cup of water and poured it on the poor dead leaves and dirt, knowing it would do nothing. I didn't have the heart to throw him in the trash yet though. A few days later when I returned to my apartment, imagine my surprise when I saw Seamus alive and well, fresh new leafy sprouts and even a BLOOM. It was INSANE.

This is the same plant, and he's thriving in the new home of my office, although his leaves tend to grow in the direction of the emergency lights.

ANYWAY... the other plant. It's a rubber plant, also given to me by a co-worker for my birthday in 2004. I don't know how it has survived my poor treatment either. I know when I sat in the Portal Room at Previous Employer, other co-workers would water him for me (namely my former co-worker who loved jungle plants enough to decorate his cube like a jungle). The rubber plant even survived its time in the Low Rise (dungeon) with no windows. He never lived in my apartment, but he did live for many months in our kitchen after I started at Current Employer, because I was too lazy to bring him into the office. He didn't get watered enough there, but lived anyway (just lost a few leaves). Some of his leaves are brown because he sometimes was too close to the toaster oven and rubber plants seem to keep the same leaves forever (in fact, he only recently lost some leaves that had teeth marks in them from Miss Cleo). I finally brought him into work to be with Seamus about a month ago. He's actually doing quite well, and he's been re potted once and is a lot bigger than he was back in 2004. My understanding is that he will eventually grow to tree size - many feet tall...

So... name my rubber plant!! I need ideas!


foxdeath said...

Rubber plant... Hmm...

How about Trojan? or maybe Magnum?

Nick said...

Charles as in Charles Goodyear, inventor of vulcanized rubber.

Kerry said...

I think you should name them "Mary" and "Jane" as in cannabis. ha!

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