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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kenny Chesney and Mom's Day

So, yesterday was a big day. First off, it was the first official run for the 2008 Galloway Program (delayed a week because of the Frederick Marathon / Half Marathon). A good run, but cold and rainy. Do you remember how it was raining on Saturday morning? Yeah, I was out running in that. I've had 2 years of no rain for running and now that I'm obligated to show up because I'm a group leader, I'm sure we'll get nasty weather all summer.

Saturday was also the Kenny Chesney: Poets and Pirates Tour stop in Baltimore (at Raven's Stadium... I won't say its official name since that bank doesn't pay ME anything)! Now, we went to see Kenny this past August at Merriweather, but it was HORRIBLE. I don't blame Kenny (even though he booked the place), just Merriweather for being a horrible venue. At the time I'd wanted to put them on notice, but I never got around to writing it up. Merriweather oversold the lawn for the concert and when we arrived there were no seats on the lawn... no square of grass more than an inch wide. We were forced to sit in the alternate lawn, which may as well have been in the parking lot. We couldn't see the stage at all, and watched the concert from a big screen TV with crappy speakers. Also the suckage was the drunk people. Not that I am prude and never drink, but there is a difference between kicking back a beer or two to relax and being passed out on a blanket in a puddle of your own vomit. When 80% of the people in the lawn were somewhere between stumbling idiot drunk and passed out drunk, it sucked for us sober people. I didn't drink that day because it was like 95 degrees, I'd run ten miles in the morning, and I didn't want to end up with heat exhaustion.

Anyway.... the concert last night. MUCH better. The drunks were still there, but the ratio of drunk to sober was much more reasonable (I guess the sober people were smart and bought pavillion seats at Merriweather). We had great seats fairly close to the stage, and Brooks and Dunn opened. In fact, all of my photos are Brooks and Dunn, but once Kenny was out it was dark and I was just enjoying the music. This was my third time seeing Brooks & Dunn, and my fourth time seeing Kenny Chesney. Both Kix and Ronnie and Kenny put on a great show! My only serious complaint was the parking lot which we paid of ton of money for a pass for and took an hour and a half getting out of. No, we didn't end up tailgating because the weather was iffy and we had some chores to do at home. I also wish that Gary Allan had been on before B&D so that we could have seen him also (Leann Rhimes and Big & Rich played between).

Today was mom's day and there isn't much to say. My mom went to my sister's yesterday, so we were unable to join her, but we're having dinner with her either this week or next. Instead, I spent mom's day with Todd's parents. Always fun, and they brought pie...

So, happy mom's day!! Concert photos...

Ronnie Dunn on the big screen

Brooks and Dunn had a hot air balloon fly over the stadium

The balloon

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