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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Reviews: Movies

Here are some reviews of some things we've watched recently. They will be very short reviews. We've seen a lot of movies lately, despite the fact that in the nearly 2 years that we've been dating we've only averaged about 2 movie theater movies per year. We went this past weekend and before that we hadn't been since Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. But, I've recently discovered the beauty of Redbox and so we are catching up on our film watching at an alarming rate.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Ugh. This movie met my expectations. That is a bad thing, as I went into this movie anticipating The Phantom Menace. And that's what I got!! It's clear that George Lucas doesn't realize how horrible he is at writing. The problem, honestly, is the horrible implausibility of the whole thing. The whole thing. >> SPOILER << I could accept the aliens. I could accept maybe even the whole refrigerator thing. Swinging with monkeys? Going over waterfalls? There reached a point of implausibility where I actually felt insulted that I was expected to believe this, even in a fantasy sort of way. Insulting. And, frankly, Harrison Ford just doesn't do it for me anymore. Sorry girls.

I Am Legend
Fabulous. I loved this movie. Maybe I wouldn't have thought it was so good if I was a true watcher of horror/zombie flicks, but I'm not. I loved Will Smith as always and found it scary, disturbing and entertaining.

No Country For Old Men
This has Fight Club Syndrome... where I realize it's probably a good movie, but I just disliked it. Not good. Not enjoyable. Todd picked this one out, then fell asleep.

Spider-Man 3
Once again, not good. I think I just dislike super hero movies anymore (another reason not to see Iron Man). And, I've gotten really bored with fight scenes.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets
This is everything that Indiana Jones should have been. Not a smart movie, not completely plausible, but at least fairly entertaining and not just plain stupid. I'm not saying that this movie would win an award, but it kept my attention and Nicolas Cage is always fun to watch, even though he does look like a priest sometimes with the way he dresses.

There Will Be Blood
I feel like I've already posted about this. Fight Club syndrome again. I hated the ending. I sat through that whole, long, boring, dragging, miserable film in order to get to THAT?? Are you kidding me?

Charlie Wilson's War
I rented the film because the book is a little bit of a tough read for me, so I thought if I saw the film I'd be more interested in the book. It was a good movie, very enjoyable. We'll see how I feel about the book.

Guest reviewer: My mom >> SPOILER <<
Kim: So, we rented Juno. Have you seen it?
Mom: Yeah.
Kim: And?
Mom: It was ok, I guess. I don't like them glorifying teen pregnancy like that.
Kim: ok... I guess.
Mom: She gives it up for adoption.
Kim: Thanks for the spoiler, mom.

Anyway, I thought Juno was pretty good. Todd complained whilst we watched it, so I don't think he liked it.

Dan in Real Life
I really liked this one. Cute, funny, Steve Carrell at his best.

Walk Hard
HORRIBLE. I wasn't tired, I chose to fall asleep because the inside of my eyelids were more entertaining. Supposedly it got better at the end. There was nothing that could happen to make that movie better. Really, really bad.

The Good Girl
Um, it was ok. I had promised Todd that there would be hot sex scenes with Jennifer Anniston in them and that really didn't pan out. It was ok.

The Bourne (Fill in the blank)
I had never seen these 3 movies, and I watched them in quick succession, so they felt like the same movie. I liked them, had a good time watching them, etc. I always thought Matt Damon was kind of a Streisand, but I think he's rockin' the shit in this one!

Shrek the Third
Why did I bother to rent this? Just awful. I think we fast forwarded through parts of it.


Wacky Neighbor said...

A couple quick notes in response:

Didn't really this Indiana Jones 4 was good, but probably passingly entertaining. Sad that they kind of turned Indy into kind of a series of running gags. About 40 percent too ridiculous.

Spider-Man 3 was not good. It was like they decided they didn't want to make Spider-Man 4, so Spider-Man 3 should be bad enough that no one else would make it, either. Shouldn't let that influence your view of Iron Man, which was very good.

No Country for Old Men was excellent. Could see why people might not like it - some very slow parts - but this was extremely good. Definitely takes some work to figure out what's going on, what happened.

There Will Be Blood is at home. Thoughts to follow.

Kim said...

On No Country for Old Men --
I liked it a LOT more than There Will Be Blood (which I just hated). What I mean by "Fight Club Syndrome" is that I can respect it as a good movie, but it's just not my style and therefore I didn't care for it and would like to not see it again. I can see that it was well made, well done, well acted and it was kind of just wacky in a Cohen Brothers kind of way. And that's cool. It's one that I would give a second chance to though, potentially, and I would even be ok analyzing it or discussing it.

The same holds true for There Will Be Blood, except I felt ripped off at the end and bored through most of the movie. To its credit, Daniel Day-Lewis was absolutely SUPERB and he was by far the highlight of the film.

Neither of these movies can hold a candle to the flaming pile that is Walk Hard, which may very well be the worst movie I've seen in years. Perhaps not the worst movie in years, but the worst movie I've actually sat through. Of course, Walk Hard isn't really in the same category as the other two...

I do need to rent some chick flicks though... thankfully we have Atonement at home.

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