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Friday, May 23, 2008

Running & Workouts Update

Running is thus far going well.  I cut my miles somewhat after the half marathon, allowing myself to start small again.  No real reason for this physically, it's actually a strategy to mentally keep me in the game for the next 5 1/2 months because that's a long time to train for a 13 mile race that I am already trained for, technically.  It helps, too, to be a group leader.  I have the names of my group members and this weekend is our first run as our group (officially)! 

Last weekend, we did miracle miles (they are actually called "magic miles" but I've gotten into such a habit of calling them miracle miles now that I don't really want to stop).  Anyway, mine was 10:29.  Not really what I was looking for (10:00-10:15 was my goal), but certainly better than this time last year.  While the weather was good for the running on Saturday, I'd had some dehydration/sickness the night before and wasn't feeling quite 100% for the run.  Next time.

As far as cross-training goes, the Josh Hillis workouts are going well, too.  I finished up week 2 last night.  At first, I thought the workouts seemed easy and wondered about the weight I was using.  However, as I've gotten farther into the program, they've gotten harder, such that I can't move sometimes the next day.  The workouts are staying in the 25 minute or so range, so that is good, too.

Then, this weekend the pool opens!!  Hopefully the weather will be good enough for us to go spend some time there and get some laps in.  I'm ready for the weather to be more summer like.

I'm still considering buying a bike, but I think I may end up with a car instead (more on this later).  I guess it's no big deal and I can go bike-less for another year.  I've only been thinking about buying a bike for 4 years (I'm not kidding).

Tomorrow: HILLS!

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