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Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer Showers

Originally posted earlier this week as a story for a rainy day, this story is back at the urging of Todd and at least one friend. It sounds like more rain is coming next week, so always remember that rain is not that bad :)

June, 2007
Little Cayman, Cayman Islands

"There's something sexy about the rain," she said as it came pouring down, "it feels like kisses on my skin." She spread her arms and spun around. In a summer island storm in a field of sugar cane, she taught me how and showed me why there's something sexy about the rain. --Kenny Chesney

They had done two dives in the morning, but after lunch they'd chosen to stay behind and skip the afternoon dive. It was only their second day on the island and it was a chance to relax. The beach was empty because almost everyone in the small resort had gone off on the dive. They claimed two hammocks and read their books and dozed. They had gotten Cuban beer from the clubhouse, feeling like they were being bad for drinking something not allowed in the States. Warm Caribbean breezes blew the palm trees above. They drank their beers and watched the seabirds and the occasional boat pass by.

As the breeze blew, rain clouds started rolling in. The wind picked up, but they still laughed and drank their beers and talked while a few drops of rain fell every now and then. Not a full rain, just a few drops. They were under cover, so the breeze and the droplets that hit them only cooled them off. He told her that if she took off her bathing suit top, it would please the gods and they'd make it stop raining. When the dive boat returned, he told the exiting divers about his theory.

Clearly, the gods wanted it to rain and soon it was a true summer shower. They gathered up their towels and books and beers and ran through the warm rain to the club house. After a few minutes of watching the rain falling into the pool, they reached for two more beers. It was time to run for it, and they ran across the resort to their own cabana.

Rain soaked, they made it into the shelter of the cabana, dropping their wet towels in the entryway. They kissed, and within an hour, the sun was shining again.

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