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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wrong Addresses...

So, maybe some of you at some point saw my old "Wrong Address" blog where I posted things that had been sent to my email address accidentally. The problem is, my old address (which was my first initial + my last name @ was rather common. I am still using that email address here and there even though my last name is different. Whether something uses that email address or not depends on how lazy I am about changing my preferences at whatever website I'm visiting. Plus, lots of folks still have that email address as my primary and use it. Fine. It's not really a big deal, and I'm phasing it out little by little. I do expect to keep it for a while, though.

So, I get emails that are intended for other people with the same first initial and last name. A LOT. When it first started happening, I guess as far back as 2001 or 2002, I would politely respond to the sender saying "you have the wrong email.... blah blah." Guess what? Frequently the responses that I received where either (a) angry/mean ("I don't care, you can just delete if it bothers you", etc) or (b) apologetic ("ooops, sorry!") or else I was just ignored. No matter what, in 99.9% of the cases where I responded to the sender, they ignored me and continued sending me the emails. So... unless it looked REALLY important, I just ignored them. I'm still being invited to knitting club in Texas like once a month.

Then, there are the emails where people have bought something or signed up for a service and used my email address. I get their receipts. There isn't anyone to respond to in that case, unless I make a phone call (I hate making phone calls). Often, that isn't even an option. Once, I received someone's cruise itinerary. Yes, they purchased a cruise and gave them my email address. That one I was actually kind enough to sort out. Still, most of the time, I just ignore because it's either hard to get a hold of the person or I'm ignored or yelled at when I do.

I do scratch my head, though... HOW are these people REPEATEDLY using my email address? Are they doing it on purpose? It almost seems like they must be, because it happens so often (at its peak, about once a day, then it will stop for a month or two and start up again). Do they not want their receipts? If I wanted to, I"m certain I could find a way to impersonate them. Isn't that kind of stupid?

So, today I emailed one of the worst offenders. His name is Kevin and he lives in Minnesota. I've been getting his emails for a long time. I don't know how long since I moved to gmail in early 2006 and don't have records past that, I but I remember back at least as far as 2004 getting his emails. I had never been able to find a vaild email address for him, but finally found one today when I googled him. I emailed him and asked him to please not use my email address anymore, and that I had been receiving his emails for quite some time. I also apologized if I had the wrong guy.

He responded, and it was him sending me the emails. He said if it's such a hassle, I should get a new email address...


My email wasn't mean or angry... If I was doing the same thing to someone else, I would have apologized.

Oh well.

Btw, Kevin likes spices.

UPDATE, 9:45pm: Kevin and I talked a bit more and he was nicer and apologized for his rudeness. I explained my frustration. I told him I'd forward his misplaced mails. He told me that the mail I sent him (a receipt from was apparently his Father's Day present and his wife was the one who did it. I have a feeling she might be responsible for the spices, too. Anyway, he seemed to be an OK guy, if not a little goofy for not knowing his own email address.


foxdeath said...

Give me his address and he will be getting all kinds of new little ads and things to his email account. What a JERK! I'm so stupid I can't remember my email address you YOU should change it to what I sometimes think it is.

I'd make him regret telling you to change your address. :-)

Mary said...

that's really weird. why would his wife not use her own e-mail address to order stuff rather than his? bizarre.

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