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Monday, June 9, 2008

The Heartbreaking Latest on Salmon

Sardines with Your Bagel?

This article really does break my heart.  I love Salmon.  I used to despise it, and when Dave's family would make him salmon for his birthday, I really hated it.  However, I soon learned that all I needed was to have salmon cooked in a way that I enjoy (or not cooked at all and served on rice).  Now, I eat salmon all the time and love it.

It's clear though, with all of the latest news on farmed salmon, that I can no longer eat the farmed salmon, and clearly I can't eat salmon in restaurants anymore since I never know where it came from.  I cannot swear off wild though.  I have to continue to eat salmon sometimes, or I'd go crazy.  I've learned to like it too much. 

Getting rid of it in sushi won't be difficult, as Todd and I have eaten a combined two sushi rolls since coming down with food poisoning back in November (perhaps caused by salmon? Who knows!).  However, I'll miss salmon in restaurants.  Little by little, I'm not able to eat the fishies that I enjoy anymore.

And yeah, the wild salmon from Trader Joe's is twice the cost of the farmed salmon from Weis, but I'll pay for it.  Some things are worth it.


Emily said...

Hi Kim, We're giving away a "Summer of Wild Salmon" ... for a chance to win 15 lbs. of wild salmon, all you have to do is enter a recipe in our salmon recipe contest. If you're interested, recipes can be submitted to And if you have family and friends that would like a chance at winning, please pass this on!

Kim said...

I have a salmon recipe, but it's just salmon on a wood plank and frankly no different than most other "salmon on a wood plank" recipes that are out there.

landlord210 said...

In the last two years, we have gone from eating salmon once or twice a week to about once every two months. I prefer the taste of the farmed salmon, but I won't eat it anymore. Blech. Now that the wild salmon price is going to increase, my consumption is probably going to go down even more.

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