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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Race for Our Kids 10K 2008

The group before the race

Here I am again, doing this race, even though I said that I was never running this race again. Even better, half marathon folks are only supposed to do the 5k, but I did the 10k. That's how it goes.

So, I had sort of wanted to PR in this race, but then I caught a cold in May, and things were busy at work and I really wasn't focused on doing any type of training in that regard (especially figuring the time between the Frederick half marathon and today was just about a month. That's not a lot of time). So, I wasn't necessarily looking to PR, just do the best I could.

Alyssa ran with me, and pretty much ran my race, which is awesome! Thanks, Alyssa! :) It was just hot and hot isn't really a weather that will allow me to run that well. I did ok, but clearly struggled as my average pace was 15 seconds per mile slower than at the Frederick half, which is more than twice as long of a race. The weather was nice, but I think I liked the rain last year better (sorry, Natalie!). The hills are another factor and while I've trained for hills, I just wasn't all in it. Part of the problem was also the Brazilian Steak House from Friday night. I know it sounds crazy, but I overate on protein and then dehydrated myself with salty food and alcohol. Yes, I had a day to recover, but I failed to drink enough water yesterday to compensate.

While I might sound like I'm beating myself up and I'm unhappy with my time, I'm not. I think it went rather well and while I did struggle some, I did fine. Final time was 1:19:03, which is about 2 minutes faster than my 2007 time and about 8 minutes slower than my 2006 time. Right in the middle, and I'm pleased with my performance



Alyssa & Jack

Natalie & Brad

Me, Kristy & Natalie

Me & Todd

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