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Monday, June 30, 2008

Random Updates

As an update to my niece, I had the pleasure of spending the day with my family at the June Birthday Extravaganza on Saturday.  My mom, Dad, both my sisters (since they're twins) and I all have birthdays in June.  We gathered at sister Shelly's house in Virginia.  All was well.  I did get to speak some to my niece about the alleged date.  Apparently, it was not a solo date as I was originally told.  She went with a boy (his name is Luke, she says) and his entire family.  Other kids were supposed to go, but no one showed up.  I asked if they were "going out" and she said no, they're just friends.

I give this my stamp of approval.  I told her she could go on a solo date when she is old enough to drive herself there.

This Saturday was 9 miles on the trail.  I, as usual, did a little extra and completed 10 miles.  I had wanted to do 11 miles, but a biker had fallen off of his bike right at the parking lot and I spent some time making sure everything was under control with that situation.  I missed a run this past week, which made me feel really lazy.  I'm losing interest somewhat in running, and as a result I'm considering running some this week at the store to get some motivation from my running friends.

The weight training is not going well.  Or, it's not going.  I did a full 3 weeks of the Josh Hillis workouts with moderate success, but I lost interest.  I have trouble fitting it into my schedule.  This is also further complicated by the very distinct difference of opinion between Josh Hillis and Jeff Galloway and it's hard to follow both of them and also have a life. 

Josh very specifically says that runners should be doing weight training of both upper and lower body, and that to get the best results it should be done before a cardio workout or on its own day.

Jeff very specifically says that runners should not do lower body weight training at all, and if they do, it should be after a run and not on an off day so that the legs have a chance to fully rest before the next run.

So... if I want to get the best of both, I need to follow more closely to Jeff and do my weight workouts after my runs.  Or, I don't know if Josh would approve of splitting my workouts into upper and lower and doing the upper on Monday/Wednesday/Sunday and upper/core on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday after my runs.  This would shorten my workouts even more and make me not feel like I have such a long workout to do after a run.

Plus, Josh's workouts use a lot of equipment that I don't have -  a smith machine and pull up bar as an example.  I don't have anything that reasonably substitutes as good as I would like.  I have no way of doing pull ups at this time.  It is frustrating and annoying, especially when I have hundreds of dollars in other weight equipment at my disposal.

Part of me is thinking about going back to Cathe and just trying to better structure my workouts based on goals and on what Josh has said in his articles.  I miss my girl Cathe and miss doing a workout "with" someone, if you know what I mean.  Then, another part of me wants to forgo weight training until after September since I want to make use of my pool membership and get my cross training done as swimming on most days.  It is easier to weight train in the winter.

So, I don't know what to do.  I'm just in limbo for now.

Update to my gardening adventures!  I now have healthy herbs - chamomile, rosemary and sage.  The cherry tomato plants that I planted have little baby green tomatoes on them, which is highly exciting since I figured that nothing that I planted would ever bear fruit.  The mystery seeds that I planted are coming up as well, and so I think what I've got is thyme and basil.  They need to get bigger, as they're only about a half inch high right now.

The rest of the flowers are still alive and thriving, and so as shocking as it is I seem to have made it all the way to July with living plants!  I've been watering them after my runs, which helps keep me on schedule.

We recently pulled out a bunch of bushes on the side of the house and need to put something over there too, so I'm going to have even more plants to take care of soon.
(I think those will be annuals this year, but maybe perennials -- what can you plant at this time in the season?)

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