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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Warmth, Sweet Warmth

I am always cold at work.  This has been going on for a long time.  I used to keep an ugly sweater at my desk when I worked at TRP.  Since then, I just drink hot tea when the cold becomes unbearable.  Part of the problem is that I drink large quantities of water all day long.  Icy cold and delicious water that apparently lowers my body temperature.  Usually, it can be 90-100 degrees outside, but inside at work I'm still shivering.  At Previous Employer, I often wouldn't turn the air on in my car on the way home until I'd warmed up, which was sometimes a good 15 minutes.  No kidding.

Well, Current Employer is clearly taking cost-cutting measures.  They've done a bunch of stuff, but all I'd noticed until now was that they'd raised the prices in the soda machines. But today, today is awesome.  They turned the thermostats up.  AWESOME.  I had been wanting this for ages!!  The whole building is complaining.  One guy went and shut all the blinds.  People want fans or whatever.  NO!  I'm comfortable.  For the first time in my corporate life, I am sitting here at a comfortable temperature during the summer.  I even asked Todd to turn up the thermostat the other night at home.  I hate too much air conditioning. 

This is great.

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