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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fitness Update

Running is going very well! This week we did our longest run of the training season so far. 13 miles. As a group, we did a spectacular job of staying on pace, with a single mile under 14 minutes at 13:45 (I think that was mile 4). The rest of the miles were 14 - 14:30. I think the group was better off as a result and finished fresh. Most of the group did 11 miles, I went on with a couple folks for 13 miles. I felt great at the end, I really wasn't' sore at all yesterday, just a little tight in the calves.

I've taken on some walking for cross-training this season because running friend Andrea, who lives nearby, can't run. She is pregnant and was planning to run throughout her pregnancy... but then she found out she's having two babies and not one, so she's stuck with walking and swimming. We've been meeting up to walk together about once a week. It's nice to get out and be social during the week since I don't do my runs at the running store anymore. Plus, it's always good to get some extra exercise in.

The other cross-training I've been working on is swimming. We've stuck with it this year more than last and I've found my form improving. As a result, so is my speed. I feel great after my pool time, which is usually about 45 minutes of freestyle. Looking forward to watching both the running and swimming events in the Olympics this year.

Weight Training
I'm trying to pick this up again this week, we'll see how it goes...

Other Things
1. Has anyone seen Fit Flops? WTF? This looks like a total scam to me. I'll buy that perhaps they do stimulate muscles (kinda like many other shoes do????), but you're kidding yourself if you think that you're going to suddenly have a hot body because you're wearing these. Save your money and go outside and take a walk and get some cardio instead... and buy some good walking shoes to do so.

2. Todd says, "Don't forget to write something in there about how I ran 17 miles and you just think I'm awesome and so dreamy." So, there you have it with that.

3. Runners not on facebook should really join and sign up for Voomaxer. It's very awesome for motivating you to get runs in.

4. Cardio Coach 6, 7 & 8 are really awesome. I'm sorry I didn't buy them before now. Coach Sean did it again and he's going to have me ready for Annapolis!!!!

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