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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Random Thoughts About Many Things

  1. The "news" about the election is so meaningless and silly. I'm once again getting to the point where I can't watch election coverage and need to close my ears. Who CARES? I know who I'm voting for anyway, and no, it's not McCain.
  2. I've felt very down about a lot of things in this country anyway and don't feel especially optimistic that anyone (including Obama) can really resolve anything.
  3. The rise in oil prices has spurred people to think twice about what cars they drive, but I also feel like people aren't being reasonable at all. I guess maybe we're on the right track, but something seems WRONG about what is going on. I've been trying to blog about it and I've drafted a few posts and then deleted them. We're just not thinking, and I've even started to think that we're not going to end up helping the environment (we may even make things worse there) and we're just going to ruin the economy.
  4. On that note, the economy is a mess. I've written posts about this and deleted them as well. Where are we going with this? And, please let my stocks go up in value...
  5. Wacky Neighbor's posts about his car decisions, and the frustrations I have with lack of choice, and my own lack of time... These things have all convinced me to stick with my CR-V, at least through the fall. I'm guessing in early 2009 I'll be looking again. Unlike WN, my car is perfectly fine and working beautifully, so I don't have a reason to get rid of it. She'll pass her 6th birthday in October.
  6. The Bug recently passed his 4th birthday. He celebrated by waking us up at 5am. He recently became enamored with a string that used to be the drawstring on somebody's pants or shorts. He carries the string with him constantly, plays with it, and forces us to play with it with him, often in the middle of the night. We love him, though.
  7. This summer has been filled with vacation planning for me. We're going to Ocean City in a few weeks. The end of the summer we will be going to Bonaire. October will take us to Orlando for the Tower of Terror 13K. In late fall, we head to Belize. January will take us to Orlando again for Disney Marathon weekend. We'll be in Honduras for the spring Whale Shark Season, and then we just booked at trip to Little Cayman to spend time with our friends there in Summer 2009. I'm also planning a trip for my sister, who is using some of my Disney Vacation Club points next month. That's a lot of trips...
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