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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Recipe: Grilled Sirloin Skewers with Peaches and Peppers

This was a recipe that wasn't quite right, but it was clear that it could be right, it just needs to be tweaked.  So, I fully expect to repeat this one and try again with some adjustments.  Not that it was bad, mind you, but there are little corrections I'd like to make.

First of all, it made too much.  I actually ran out of skewers (I was using metal ones that came from somewhere, I forget where).  I would half the recipe at least if you're cooking for two people. 

I didn't use red wine vinegar because I didn't have any, I used pomegranate balsamic vinegar because I'm trying to get rid of it and I'm trying to break my "many specialized vinegars" habit.   I still thought the sauce was ok, but overpowering, so I just did a tiny sprinkle.

Let's see... I'd also make the onion wedges smaller.  The red onion is somewhat overpowering as well.  Todd also suggested flash-cooking the onion and peppers before adding to the skewers so that they'll be more done.  This might make the onion better.

In all, I loved the peaches with the steak.  I will definitely try again.

Grilled Sirlion Skewers with Peaches and Peppers


Sandra said...

Looks yummy. I love fruit that has been grilled, brings out a smoky sweetness.

Oh, I clean my belly button frequently... it is lint free!

Kim said...

Well, then if I'm doing body shots, I'm doing them with you!

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