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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Republican Survey

Todd is registered republican, so he got a Republican Senate Leadership Survey in the mail today. He gave it to me to fill out, which should be very fun. I guess the idea is to tell the Republican Party what is important to Republican voters. Some of the awesome and, dare I say it, fair and balanced questions are (and these are worded exactly like they are in the survey):

Hillary Clinton is calling Senate Democrats to push a passage of measures to institute government-run health care. Do you support efforts to give government control of your health care costs and choices?
Can we "win" the war in Iraq and establish a stable government that does not harbor and support terrorists or are the Democrats right to call for us to give up, and cut-and-run?

Should the United States sign the Kyoto Treaty on global warming even though it holds our nation to higher standards than so-called developing nations such as China?

Have the Democrats won a national mandate to raise taxes and dictate foreign policy to President Bush for the remainder of his term?
Awesome. These questions are by no means leading or biased. They definitely make it sound like they really want your opinion and want you to answer honestly. And most of all, it really sounds like the Republicans are out to cooperate with everyone, include everyone, and promote a united government. Certainly, they're being very inclusive of moderate republicans like Todd and are by no means alienating anyone.

Best of all, I love the end of the form, where they ask you to support them by returning a contribution of $25-500. Even if you check the "No" box saying you don't want to contribute, that still includes and $11 donation to help cover the cost of tabulating the biased survey. Do you think they'll really even pay attention to this?

I think my answers will be in the minority...


Sandra said...

Yeah, I get the Democrats version of the same thing. Geez...

Wacky Neighbor said...

Does it really cost them $11 per returned survey? I guess there's some overhead for the overall contract in that and you figure there's a cost for those who don't return surveys, but ... $11?

Kim said...

We will be taping 2 pennies to the survey. That is our contribution to the Republican party.

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