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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

RIP Bennigan's

Bennigan's Closing

Now I only have TGI Friday's, Applebee's and Ruby Tuesday to get my fat-greasy-chain-restaurant-nonsense food. Oh, what will I do? I have a feeling that they're closing due to losing various ARB employees who frequented there once they moved on to other jobs. Jim will have to get his wings from Famous Dave's...

Were there any UMBC Gang memories at Bennigans? I don't remember us ever visiting there, just Applebee's and Ruby Tuesday.

Edited to Add: I forgot Chili's.

Edited to Add again... There's a thread in the comments of that article specifically about the Columbia Bennigan's... and it seems it closed a while ago (I wouldn't know, haven't been there). Seriously, BLAME JIM! (and Tong?)

1 comment:

Nick said...


Let's see...we ate at the Bennigan's in Wilkes Barre, PA coming back from Cooperstown for Ripken's induction.

Hmmm...that's it. If the Applebee's closes you know what I'm going to go in and take.

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