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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Annapolis Ten Mile Run 2008

You know, I'd watched the weather for the past 2 weeks or so and I was determined that after the beautiful weather we'd had over the past couple weeks, the weather was going to feel GREAT today for the Annapolis 10 Miler. Eh, no. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was a beautiful day, if you were attending a picnic. I wasn't. I was running. So, I felt that it was just as hot as the 2006 race, although not quite as oppressive as 2007.

So, we drove down to Annapolis yesterday evening and picked up our packet at the cute little expo at the Navy Stadium. Afterwards, we drove the course, which was a nice little exercise, especially because it gave me a chance to pick out nice viewing locations for my mom. We headed to Graul's market to pick out some food for before the race, then met my mom and Vic at their house.

The four of us had dinner at Bertucci's (my request, I love Bertucci's and hadn't eaten there in a while). Oddly enough, we ran into Duke and his family, which was pretty cool. Nice dinner, Vic even said it was nice (which is REALLY A BIG DEAL).

Todd and I headed back to my mom's to sleep, and we watched the tail end of the Olympic men's marathon (Yay, Kenya!). My mom's stupid neighbors were big assholes insistent upon throwing a party in the front yard until 1am. Funny, same thing happened at the Frederick Half (late night partiers next door). I swear the night of the Baltimore Half, our next door neighbor is going to throw a party.

So, the day of the race (today), we met the Fleet Feet group at the Navy Stadium and hit the course at race start (7:45am).

The course was the same as in 2006, not going through the naval academy like it did in 2007. I ran with John, Kristy and Caryn. I was trying to keep a 12-minute pace, but my body would have none of it. I was fighting stomach cramps and other nonsense for a lot of the race, but for the most part I was close to the 12 minute pace. We were doing 1:30 and 1s and that was working for me.

We exchanged a lot of walk breaks, taking walks on the uphill (especially on the Severn River Bridge) and then ran downhill on the other side. This system worked and I was feeling ok. I was not feeling great, but I wasn't feeling like I had to drop out either, and it was nice to have my friends along.

My mom and Vic were out watching at Mile 6, and then again at Graul's market at 9 1/2 miles. Once I was coming down the stretch at 9 miles, I looked at my watch and knew it would require a 10 minute mile in order to reach the finish line and beat my 2006 time (which was my goal). I knew that was impossible, so I just took a few extra walks. Then, along came Todd down the course looking for me. He ran it in somewhat with me, as we headed to the finish line.

My watch time shows my final time as 2:05, which is perfectly acceptable and a good time. Official results don't appear to be posted yet.

In all, this was a good race, I put on a good showing since it's such a tough course. It's another example of "I hate running, but I do like having run," since I was happy taking a shower and nap once we made it home.

Congrats to everyone who finished today!!!!

Update: Official 2008 Results, my time was 2:05:40, a 12:34 pace, right on with my pace at the Frederick Half Marathon... but a tougher course, and higher heat. I think this is good. Next race: the Baltimore Half Marathon!


foxdeath said...

Good job, you ran a good race!

Lyss said...

Great Job!! Wish I could have been there with you guys!

Amanda said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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