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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So, I fell down the steps this morning.  Or, more accurately, I tripped on the steps as I was going up and fell forward.  These aren't nice carpeted steps, they were the back steps at work, unfinished and concrete with rubber things on them.  I had a bunch of stuff in my hands, I knew I had an 8:30 meeting and I was looking at my cell phone to see what time it was (it was 8:21).  I scraped my arm, which is minor, but the edge of the step went into my knee right under the knee cap.  As I lay on the steps, there was an initial horror of wondering if I had just ruined my trip to Bonaire and my upcoming half marathon just like that, also wondering if I could even get up and who would come help me (do I call Todd?).  I did manage to get up, hobbled to my desk, sat for a minute in serious pain, finally asked my co-worker to get me ice.  Started to get dizzy and pass out, just like when I fell out of bed and broke my toe in 1997.  My co-worker returned with ice, I asked her to go get somebody to help me.  My boss, other co-workers and HR came and assisted me to the Comfort room (breastfeeding room), where I could lie down for a few minutes.  They piled ice packs on me.

I can walk.  The knee is swollen.  I can bend it, although bending it hurts.  Putting ice on it hurts.  Initial blood pressure drop that caused me nearly pass out is totally gone, I just feel stressed.  I think I've decided not to see a doctor.  We shall see how today goes.  Doubtful that I can run tonight.

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