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Friday, August 15, 2008

Recipe: Tuna "London Broil" and Wasabi Cream

This was a yummy recipe with a BUT. It was a yummy recipe BUT the tuna we used wasn't high enough in quality. I was generally unhappy with the selected Tuna. The tuna, of course, came from Weis. When talking about Bad Times, I didn't go into the seafood department at Weis. The person who is normally there when I am is... a little scary. Said person is very nice (in fact, often altering the seafood weight to make it seem like I bought less than I did, which while nice, also messes up the self checkout thingy). However, she's frightening and the seafood at Weis is just not up to par. Sometimes it's merely ok, sometimes it downright sucks and I won't even buy it. This tuna was in between. Yet another reason to go to the Safeway in Westminster. If anyone knows of a good place to buy fresh seafood in Northern Carroll County, please clue me in.

Anyway, the wasabi in the sauce was DELICIOUS and made me crave sushi. I'll try this recipe again, on a night when I have better tuna. Wasabi powder is expensive, btw.

Tuna "London Broil" and Wasabi Cream

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