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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thoughts on the Women's Olympic Marathon

I really enjoyed watching this race. Is it weird that I'm basically sitting and watching women run?
  • Interesting, to me, that they didn't cut away more often and show other stuff. I know this is something I'm interested in, but I figured that those who wanted to watch this event were in the minority of NBC's viewing audience. I mean, this is prime time, for heaven's sake! I was expecting to watch the start, then other events and then have them cut back to the marathon periodically. Imagine my delight when they were showing the whole thing!
  • I noticed that the chick from Brazil wore a skirt, which she proceeded to tug on throughout the race. I'm still anti-skirt.
  • Unrelated to the marathon, but if I have to see that stupid Comcast Wii commercial with the guy playing against the Japanese kid one more time, I'm going to scream.
  • How sad to watch Deena Kastor drop out. I really was hoping she'd get a medal, and she dropped out so early! It really makes me wonder if she was having trouble before the race...
  • Heartbreaking to watch the repeat footage of Paula Radcliffe pulling up at the marathon in Athens in 2004. Interesting, though, to read about the G-Trainer Treadmill that Paula used to train while injured. Read up on it! I want one of those!!!! I was hoping to see Paula get a medal, but (sigh...) not this year. Bless her heart for finishing, she definitely looked like she was hurting at the end.
  • The water stops are pretty cool in the Olympic marathon, where they have their own personal water bottles that they have to retrieve. These bottles have each athlete's own personal mix of whatever in them (wonder if any of them were using Nuun?). I also enjoyed watching them chuck the bottles over on to the pace car when they were done drinking.
  • It's kinda cool that not only am I watching a race, but also getting a little mini-tour of Bejing as the announcers talk about what the runners are passing. I almost wish somebody would do that at races that I run, since I sometimes have no idea what I am running past (and let's not forget Todd having no idea that he ran under the Kennedy Center in 2006).
  • I got goosebumps as Constantina entered the Bird's Nest. That's got to be an incredible feeling. I didn't think she'd do it when she first pulled ahead (and I kinda was hoping for Ndereba to catch up and take it from her), but when she crossed the finish line, I was really happy for her. 48 years old!! Good for her!
  • No matter what, this is not a marathon like I run. My marathons are nothing like this. For example, at the end of my marathons, I wrap in a space blanket. At the end of the Olympic marathon, they wrap themselves in their country's flag. Still, fascinating to watch.
  • I'm jealous of Jim, out watching in person. HOW COOL!

Other Olympics Notes
I remember when Baltimore/Washington were trying to get the Olympics to come in 2012 and I was totally against it. I thought it would be a horrible traffic mess and that I wasn't interested, and I'd never go see an event. Well, I still agree with my assessment of the mess, but I'd love to make it to see some track and field events (or the marathon - which is free!) someday.

I have never, ever, been more interested in an Olympics than this one. Remember, in 2004, I had not yet started running or even contemplated running or entering a race. Just four years ago, I would have laughed at someone telling me I'd sit and watch women run on a Saturday night for over 2 hours. I feel emotional about it, and I get sad when bad things happen -- even to rivals. Of course, I get happy when good things happen, again, even to rivals. I don't feel this way just about running, but about everything because I guess I can relate to it more.

On that note, I could not be happier for Michael Phelps. His mom and his sisters are so cute. He makes me proud of Baltimore, and of the USA, and it's just so great to be watching such a great athlete. Yes, he's been on notice before by me, but that's a separate issue. They're going to show him going for his last medal later...

Another side note, I'm also watching the ex-hubby's Pinball tournament via the web. Go Dave!


Nick said...

Hey, if you ever want to run the Marine Corps Marathon, I could do the travelogue for you.

Kim said...

I have pledged that barring exceptional circumstances, I will never ever run that marathon again.

But, you never know. Exceptional circumstances happen.

I was thinking that would even be a good idea for something to sell to marathoners - an mp3 of information about landmarks along the race. However, since iPods are technically not allowed at USATF sanctioned races, not possible right now.

Kim said...

Oh, I'm thinking of running the Richmond Marathon next year. Wanna try that one? :)

... either Richmond, San Antonio or Philadelphia at this point.

Nick said...

Oh, I can do Richmond. I can tell you about that city in my sleep. If you can't do iPods, what about having someone in a rickshaw pace you?

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