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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Weekend Past

Friday was our usual pre-long run evening. Some cleanup around the house, dinner of pasta and meatballs and a glass of wine. Always only one glass with plenty of water. Some Olympics, and bed early.

Saturday morning, we had our long run starting at 5:00am. My group is doing excellent and I'm mighty proud of them. We did 15 miles together on the trail. Todd is doing great with his full marathon training, running 23 miles. It was our first week running in the dark (only because of the thunderstorm issue 2 weeks ago).

After our run, we relaxed with a short nap and shower and then had lunch at Salsarita's in Westminster, which has quickly replaced Chipotle as my favorite mexi-fast food restaurant. Good stuff!! We attempted to purchase a new tire for the wheel barrow (I know, ultra-exciting), but couldn't figure out what to buy and ended up going and hanging out at home. Saturday night, we watched the Women's Marathon and other Olympic events.

Sunday, we headed out pretty early and had breakfast at Bob Evans, what a treat. We picked up some stuff from Lowe's for later yard work. We relaxed during the day and took some time in the afternoon to go to the pool, where Todd tested out his new camera housing. It worked well underwater, and Todd snorkeled around watching me swim laps.

We're in the process of doing what is apparently a summer-long project of tearing out the flower beds on the side of the house. We're nearly done - all that is left is to add mulch, which we'll likely do this week. No plants over there for a little while, maybe not until the spring. I don't know if there is any type of bush that does well being planted in the fall. We wouldn't be able to plant until at least mid-September.

Evening was more relaxation, and Todd got caught up on Generation Kill, which he is enjoying. We had to get to bed early because we both were up early this morning for Jack's Mikala 50k.


Mary said...

well, maybe a bush wouldn't work in the beds, but if you might want tulips or daffodils or something for next spring, you'd want to put those in next month. Also, I'll be separating some hosta and liriope next month and you are welcome to some of it although it won't bloom again until next year. The hosta needs shade though--I'm actually moving all of ours; it's really healthy but the previous owners planted it in full sun, so the leaves burned.

Kim said...

This side of the house is full sun, so hostas won't work. I learned you can easily freecycle them though, so don't throw them away.

We put down some herbicide a week or two ago, because we live so close to this crazy hill that is supposed to be all pretty with wildflowers and trees and things but is just overgrown and weedy, and the seeds from all of the weeds blow in at an incredible rate and that side of the house is so weedy that we just needed to start over. Since, we've put down more top soil and the weed preventing sheeting, but I think we still will need to wait a little longer before planting in order to let the herbicide go away.

Stupid Hill can be seen here

Todd mulched today!

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