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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Private: What? Really?

New Private Post: What? Really?

To view this post, you need to have access to my private blog.  To gain access, I need to invite you in.  Email me or post a comment and I'll send you an invite.  Thanks!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh no! A Recap Show!

It's like when your favorite TV Series does a recap show instead of showing a new episode! Lack of content, my friends. I'm like Emma Thompson in Stranger Than Fiction, just trying to figure out how to kill Harold Crick.

New Category: Kim's Favorite Posts.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I haven't had a thing to blog about this week.  I got my political blog thing out last week, I don't have anything left to say about Bonaire, running is just going on its own right now because I'm in my taper.  I wanted to write about the financial crisis, but it irritates me so much I have little to say without sounding like a lunatic.  So...  I thought I'd just update some.

On Palin and McCain
I still dislike them both, and I have found that it's always a little weird each day to drive from the Obama-land of Owings Mills to Camp McCain in Carroll County.  I usually cut through neighborhoods on my drive home and pass many, many McCain/Palin signs on my drive home.  The other day, I went to get ice cream and the store had a large photo of Sarah Palin behind the counter.  I wanted to ask the owner what he really thought she was going to do for him, but I try not to get involved discussing politics with people who might have a gun, especially since I was in there alone and there would be no witnesses.

Running Motivation
Still missing.  If found, please call me.

Weis Markets
I've brought Todd to Weis a couple of times.  There were no lines at the deli counter and while the music was terrible, they'd turned the volume down.  Now, I think he considers me overly dramatic on the subject.  Regardless, I need to go to the grocery store more often just to save money.  We went through a no-food phase, where we were eating out a lot and that money really adds up.  I can only afford to be a tropical scuba diver by not eating out or going to the movies.

Buying a car
As I think I've mentioned, I'm keeping my CR-V.  It's all related to money and that I don't want a car payment right now.  Gas prices are still high, but as we've discussed, not high enough to justify a new car.  Newer hybrids will be coming out in 2009 and I'll reconsider then.  I had a problem with the CR-V, where it was making a knocking noise while idiling, but it ended up being less than $200 to repair, it was only a loose piece of metal on the underside of the car that had corroded and then easily loosened when I ran over something, as I'm prone to do.  Total 2008 maintenance costs for the CR-V come to around $1200, including new brakes and some other random things.  I think that is really good.  I need to get a new battery before the end of the year, but other than that I don't have anything else to do to it this year.

My Niece
In case people are interested.  Todd and I went to HersheyPark with my niece, nephew and brother a couple weekends ago.  She told me that she's doing fine in school.  She was assigned a mentor, who is teacher that apparently reminds her to do her homework.  Or something.  She was also wearing a safety pin as an earring, which is the type of fashion thing that can only be explained by saying that she is my brother's daughter.  It really was just a safety pin and Todd asked her how much he paid for it.  She said she got it at Hot Topic and it didn't cost "that much," but Todd seems convinced that she paid like $5 for something you can get 100 of for $1.99 at Joann fabrics.  She then left it at our house, so maybe I'll use it to pin on a race number or something.

I didn't end up getting them for Turks & Caicos or Bonaire, but I felt like they were a must for Belize.  So, I went on Wednesday to get them.  Ow. I have a huge lump on my arm still, and it hurts a lot.  It's apparently the Typhoid shot that hurts so much.  I'm really hoping that it goes away soon.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Relaxing Weekend

Saturday was our longest training run of the season.  Todd ran 27 miles and I ran 17.  It was a beautiful day for a run, and everything felt really great.  My group stopped at 15 (some have already run their race, some aren't running a race until November and others hadn't quite gotten all of their mileage in).  So, I went on alone and felt wonderful.  I could have done more miles if necessary.  This left me in a great mood.

We ended up sleeping a lot on Saturday.  We took a 2 hour nap and then got up and went to new favorite burrito place Salsarita's, which has also become our post-run thing to do this year.  Todd ranks Salsarita's above Chipotle, I have a hard time not putting the classic Chipotle at #1.  Regardless, Salsariat's seems to be the healthiest of the bunch and they know us in there now.

So, we got home from lunch at around 3pm or so and hung out for a while doing internet things (I was finishing up a Shutterfly photo book for Todd this weekend), etc.  Finally around 6pm, Todd said, "Hey, you wanna go back upstairs?"  And we did.  I read for a while, Todd fell asleep, and then I fell asleep.  Woke up at 9pm, thought I should eat some dinner.  Went down and had a bowl of ice cream while Todd continued his nap (I tried to wake him up and failed).  After an hour of still feeling groggy, I went back up and read some more and finally went to sleep around 10pm.  Once we got up in the morning, we'd slept a total of 12-14 hours (I slept 12, Todd slept 14). It was AWESOME.  We've been so busy and so stressed that it was really great to get that much sleep.  Plus, I finished a book!

After lounging around in the morning, we eventually got out and went to the Maryland Wine Festival on Sunday.  We didn't stay a terribly long time, I just really wanted to taste some new wines and see what was up.  We bought from Basignani, Solomon's Island and Fiore.  We couldn't get close enough to even taste at Boordy and Woodhall.  We bought all really sweet wine, that's just I think what your preference is at the wine festival.  Who wants to suck down a glass of dry red when you're standing out in the hot sun?  So, our house is filled with dessert wine now, and I need to at some point pick up some dry white from a liquor store for shrimp scampi skewers that I'm making either tonight or tomorrow (probably tonight).

So, it was a relaxing weekend.  We are in our taper for the Baltimore races now, and we get to take it easy until October 11.  I talked to running friend Caryn about driving the course and she said her friend had done it and, "was only asked to buy drugs a couple times."  Great.  Maybe I should bring enough money to pick up a dimebag on the course -- that post-race party will R-O-C-K!!


Also, any recommendations for new music I could try?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Come Out For the Running Festival

Ok, so here are some details of the race I'm running this year. While I always love spectators and anyone coming out is smothered with love and appreciation, I don't have that desperate need to see people on the course anymore. Please come if you want, but don't feel pressure!

I am running the Baltimore Half Marathon. Todd is running the Baltimore Full Marathon. Both races take place on Saturday, October 11. The marathon starts at 8:00am. The half marathon starts at 9:45am. I will be there at Russell and Camden Streets downtown to cheer Todd on as he starts the Full Marathon at 8:00am. Then, I'll be hanging around doing who knows what for the next hour and 45 minutes, waiting for the half marathon to start. I'll be starting the half at 9:45am at Conway and Light Streets. 9:45am seems really late, doesn't it?? My body isn't going to know what to do with itself starting to run that late in the morning.

Map of the course

The routes join together at full marathon mile 16 and half marathon mile 3. I'm figuring that if all goes like I expect:

Merge point (Marathon mile 16 / Half mile 3): Todd - 11:00am Kim - 10:20am
Fleet Feet Group (Marathon mile 21 / Half mile 8): Todd - 12:00pm Kim - 11:25am
Finish: Todd - 1:00pm Kim - 12:30pm

(The Fleet Feet Group usually cheers right near Lake Montebello at Hillen Road)

So. That's about it. As always, let me know if you'll be out there and where you will be so that I can look forward to seeing you!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On Palin and McCain

This started as a long post that I started drafting last week about Sarah Palin and how I just cannot stand her.  However, it seems like she's become old news and I missed the timeliness of that post while being busy with multiple Bonaire posts.  Now, with AIG and Lehman Brothers and Freddie Mac and Palin and McCain and Biden and Obama and The Fed and Hurricane Ike and gas prices... there are so many things that I'm pissed about that I can hardly even articulate it.  But, let me try.

First, what I had been wanting to say about Palin. I really dislike her. I really, really dislike her.  You see, I do actually consider myself somewhat of a feminist.  I work in a man's job, I like to say "yay, women!" when a woman does something awesome.  BUT...  I think it is a poor choice to be in a high-power, high-intensity, time-draining career like being a governor or a vice president or president when you have five kids.  I think there is a choice that needed to be made on her part, and she chose to do it all.  I'd love to say that she's handled it wonderfully, but she hasn't - she's got a pregnant teenage daughter.  I'm certain that I will get blasted for blaming her parenting, but where was mom when daughter was off having sex???  At the office?  Probably.  One kid, two kids, three kids.  But when you start getting up to 4 and 5 kids, you start to have to make choices between family and career.  Palin chose career.  Being a feminist doesn't mean choosing your career above everything.  For that reason alone, I do not want to see her win this election.

It might be different if she were not a conservative republican.  However, it seems to me that the GOP has touted this teen pregnancy as some sort of victory - oh, because she's not having an abortion!! - but it really IS NOT.  It is not a win for family values, it's a loss.  If anything, it only further drives home the point that teens should have access to birth control and sex education so that they don't have to make that choice between abortion, adoption and becoming a parent before they've reached their twenties.

Blast away at me if you like, but that's my opinion.  Sarah Palin has two jobs - governor of Alaska and being a mom.  It seems to me that she is not balancing the two very well.

Now, about McCain.

I have never, ever liked McCain.  It is completely evident that in each interview he is saying whatever he needs to in order to make himself look good right at that moment.  Just this morning, he was on the CBS Early Show and Harry Smith asked him about the economy.  Apparently, McCain recently said that the economy is strong.  McCain backtracked by saying that "no, I meant the American Worker is strong."

WTF????  Dude, that is not what you said.  That is not what you meant.  Are people really falling for this guy?  Are they really listening to what he has to say?  The American Worker is NOT STRONG because the American economy sucks!  Who is sitting there eating this stuff up??  He repeatedly does this.  The GOP in general repeatedly does this and I must admit that I do NOT UNDERSTAND how someone can support such nonsense.

You see, I used to be patriotic and then sometime in 2002, I lost the love of my country.  Obama has come back and given me hope.  This year, I have gained some hope that we can actually change the path that our country is on.  I thought perhaps we were waking up.  But, I just don't trust the people of this country to make the right choice.  Deep down, I know that voters will choose McCain and they will make that choice out of fear, racism, and misinformation.

I want to sound more hopeful.  I want Obama to win.  Time will tell, and the best I can do is cast my vote with the right candidate.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Alert! Missing!!

Missing: Motivation to run

A desire to get out there and hit the road, running twice on 2 week nights per week (preferably on Tuesdays and Thursdays). Also, a desire to run a great race at the Baltimore Half Marathon and put in the effort required to do so.

Last Seen: End of July / Beginning of August

Please, if you find this missing motivation, please return it to Kim. Thanks.

I really am looking forward to January when my workouts will switch up to the off season.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bonaire Photos - My Favorites

From Best of Bonaire 2008 - Resized


From Best of Bonaire 2008 - Resized


From Best of Bonaire 2008 - Resized

Spotted Drum

From Best of Bonaire 2008 - Resized

Peppermint Shrimp

From Best of Bonaire 2008 - Resized

Investigating a cleaning station

From Best of Bonaire 2008 - Resized

Ooo... a sea biscuit!

From Best of Bonaire 2008 - Resized

Hmm... let's look closer!

From Best of Bonaire 2008 - Resized


From Best of Bonaire 2008 - Resized

Amstel Bright!

From Best of Bonaire 2008 - Resized


From Best of Bonaire 2008 - Resized

Me & Todd (note the tennis racket mosquito killer!). Click on any of the photos to see the whole selection of photos. See a slideshow here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Continental Airlines Customer Service, Part II

See Part One

I really thought this was going to be a fight to the death, but I was nothing but impressed with Continental Airlines. The contrast between Continental and Us Airways was pretty amazing, and it's clear that paying more to fly with Continental is worth it.

Granted, we flew first class down to Bonaire, but still. Todd claims that the meals and benefits of flying in first class do not seem as good as they did years ago, but this was my first time in real (not Airtran) first class, so I didn't care. I was also drunk before we got to Houston.

All of our flights were nice, all left on time. Both of our flights home landed early, with the BON-HOU flight being almost 30 minutes early (that's a lot!). Even in coach on the way home, we were given breakfast (not a great breakfast, but cereal and a muffin is a lot to ask from an airline these days). We had multiple drink services, which also is amazing for coach. All four flights included movies, three of which I watched - Kung Fu Panda was my favorite.

So, I did have my dilemma regarding flights on the way home and here is how it went. I didn't speak to anyone from Continental about it anymore until we got to the airport to leave Bonaire. I asked the woman who checked us in. She shrugged and said she couldn't help us. I was feeling flustered from our adventures trying to return the rental car, so I just let it go and we got on the plane.

We landed in Houston and went through customs. I love Houston! Little to no line in customs, and in the room where customs was they were playing Disney music (the music from Illuminations)! How awesome!

While we were waiting for our bags, I called Continental Airlines Customer Service. I got through immediately to International Reservations. I explained what was going on, that I wanted to be on the earlier (1:30pm) flight. The reservations person said that because of Tropical Storm Hanna, they were not charging a change fee. I said awesome. She asked if I wanted to go ahead and change my flight. I said yes. She made the change and told me to just have my bags rechecked for the correct flight once we got them, and I hung up.

Todd was nervous because of the tropical storm (he thought that the earlier flight might be canceled). I thought we had to go with the earlier flight, it was our only chance of having a good run on Sunday. We got our bags, took them to the counter in International Arrivals. The guy there rechecked them and gave us updated boarding passes. We went to the gate and got on the plane, with extra time to stop and eat Texas BBQ for lunch.

That was really it. We were supposed to land in Baltimore at 10:48pm. Instead, we were on the beltway heading home by 6:00 because the plane landed early. We were in bed by 10. Pretty awesome.

The only issues we had with Continental was luggage space. Divers bring a lot of luggage, and most of us on the plane were divers. So, on both BON flights they ran out of overhead bin space. Some people had bags that were way too big. And it's only going to get worse now that Continental is charging $15 for the first checked bag.

But still, it was good.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What Might Have Been

by Little Texas

Sure, I think about you now and then,
But it's been a long, long time.
I've got a good life now, I've moved on.
So, when you cross my mind,

I try not to think about what might have been,
'Cause that was then, and we have taken different roads.
We can't go back again, there's no use giving in.
And there's no way to know,
What might have been.

We can sit and talk about this all night long,
And wonder why we didn't last.
Yes, they might be the best days we will ever know,
But we'll have to leave them in the past.

So, try not to think about what might have been,
'Cause that was then, and we have taken different roads.
We can't go back again, there's no use giving in.
And there's no way to know,
What might have been.

The same old look in your eyes,
It's a beautiful night.
I'm so tempted to stay,
But, too much time has gone by.
We should say goodbye,
And turn and walk away.

And try not to think about what might have been,
'Cause that was then, and we have taken different roads.
We can't go back again, there's no use giving in.
And there's no way to know,
What might have been.

No, we'll never know
What might have been...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Little Cayman, Courtesy of Gustav

From Little Cayman 2007 - Topside

The dock at our resort, from the hammock, June 2007

From TS Gustav, Little Cayman

The dock, September 2008

From Little Cayman 2007 - Topside

The dive boat, June, 2007

From TS Gustav, Little Cayman

The dive boat, September 2008

From Little Cayman 2007 - Topside

Blossom Village, June 2007

From TS Gustav, Little Cayman

Blossom Village, September 2008

Bonaire Day and Drempels

September 6 was Bonaire Day.  I knew this because I had looked up holidays at some point while researching the trip.  I vaguely remember telling Todd, "hey, the day we leave Bonaire is a holiday."  In response, Todd said "hm," and continued to kill people in BF2, while I moved on to some other Google search.  We both forgot.

So, everything was normal in Bonaire.  Then, Wednesday (9/3), the motorcycles started showing up.  Above average amounts of motorcycles.  Mostly Harley's, and loud ones.  Where did they all come from?  We started to ask around.

Todd: What is with all of the motorcycles?
Local Shop Owner: It's a holiday!!


Todd: Why so many motorcycles?
Waitress: They are from Aruba!
Todd: From Aruba?
Waitress: And Curacao!

I saw a sign and finally remembered that September 6 was Bonaire Day.

Todd: What is Bonaire Day?
Random Bonaire Person: It's the day for Bonaire!


Todd: What is Bonaire Day?  Is it the day you got your Independence?
Waitress: No, it's when we got the flag.

So, Bonaire Day seems to be the day that someone in the Bonairian Government decided on what the flag was going to look like.  This must be the biggest decision that Bonaire has ever made.  To celebrate, they get a day off every year.  What do they do on this day off?  Every person from the ABC Islands with a Harley ships it over to Bonaire and drives it around the island in the loudest way possible, disturbing birds, visitors, restaurants, and sleeping people.  Hundreds and hundreds of Harley's, all revving their engines like thunder.  I found a schedule of events, but it was in Papiamentu.  Apparently, though, we missed "di Happy Band" playing.

What a holiday!!

The other funny thing about Bonaire is "Drempels."  What are drempels?  What do they sound like they are?  We both agreed that they sounded like something from Harry Potter.  Todd thought it would be a Harry Potter candy that you might get on the snack cart on the Hogwarts Express, like, "Hey, Ron, want to share some drempels with me?  We can eat them with a mug of butter beer!"  I thought they sounded more like a little creature that Harry might encounter, like perhaps something that Hagrid smuggled in,"Harry, this is just a drempel.  They are actually very gentle, but the ministry of magic thinks they're dangerous!!"

In fact, they're speed bumps.  I failed to take a photo of the sign, "Let op! Drempels!" while were there, but here is one in Holland.

Too funny.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bonaire 2008

The flight left for Houston from Baltimore on Friday evening (Aug 29). We were flying first class from Baltimore to Bonaire, in order to allow us to get some rest and arrive fresh, since our flight arrived at 5:00am. I'll post more info about the flights in another post about Continental Airlines, but I really loved first class, that is for sure.

So, the plane landed at 5:00 Saturday morning and after a depressing 45 minute wait for our luggage, be headed to the rental car place, which was at the Plaza Resort. Bonaire has been having a lot of rain lately, so it was only, oh, 15 seconds of waiting outside the car rental for Todd before I was swarmed with mosquitoes. They were everywhere, almost forming a type of cloud. I dug through the luggage to find the bug spray, but the damage was done and I'd had a portion of my legs nibbled away. The lady waiting with me for her husband turned down the spray that I offered, claiming that she takes a lot of B Vitamins, so mosquitoes don't bite her. Well, after I sprayed, my swarm moved over to her and I saw about 12 of them resting on her legs. Whatever, lady.

I really didn't expect our hotel (Harbour Village) to have a room, but in fact the bellman was waiting for us with the key to our room that we requested (the same one as last year). I loved the bellman, he was frickin' awesome, btw. Anyway, everything was good with the room (it was just like we left it, except they'd installed a mosquito killing machine). We headed down to breakfast.

We checked in with the dive shop and then took a much needed two hour nap (well, I took a two hour nap. Todd took a one hour nap and then set up his camera. Thank goodness for that camera since it allows me to get extra sleep). We did our checkout dive on Our Confidence, which has collapsed a lot since last year. It looks nothing like it used to.

For the most part, each day was diving and dinner. We did a lot of boat dives. Most of those were on Klein Bonaire, although we did an awsome drift dive that took us past the Hilma Hooker in an awesomely dramatic way. We did some drift dives as well. One dive, at Witch's Hut, had to be cut short due to an equipment failure (Todd's regulator). All was fine though, and we obviously survived.

Mosquitoes were the worst that I'd ever seen in my life, anywhere. They had put a mosquito trap in the room, but then one day left a mosquito zapper shaped like a tennis racket. Todd loved this thing, and would even go outside to search out mosquitoes when there weren't some in the room. It basically vaporized them to nothing with a satisfying electric sound. He's ordering one for us to take to Belize later in the year.

On Wednesday, we ventured out for two shore dives far south (below the Salt Pier) at Margate Bay and Atlantis. We had never been diving this far south, and the dives were incredible. The gorgonians in the shallows were beautiful. Excellent vis, turtles, squid, etc. I honestly just wanted to not even look too closely at the reef because I couldn't stop just looking around at how pretty the dive sites were. Two perfect, wonderful dives and definitely my two favorites of the trip.

We headed back to the hotel to grab two more tanks, and headed back south to try to get one more dive in before dark. This one was at Red Beryl, and new friends Leah and Kumal joined us. It ended up getting pretty dark during the dive, which meant we saw a big tarpon and a lobster. It was pretty much dark once we were on shore with our equipment and the nearby salt flats led to a swarm of mosquitoes that is unrivaled with anything I've ever experienced in my life. Thankfully, I was wearing a wet suit.

The interesting things happened on Thursday. We had intended to do more shore diving and had a scheduled night dive with dive master Nolly at Town Pier. It was not to be. Hurricane Ike in the north had caused some disturbances in the ocean. We had sunny skies and normal weather, but the surge from the Hurricane was crazy. We stay on the calm side of the island and normally, small waves gently lap at the beach. Thursday, on some parts of the island, the waves were 2-3 stories high. I kid you not. Our beach had waves the size of large waves you'd see in Ocean City, we had to load up the dive boat in the marina and not on the dock, and the waves at the dock went up about 10 feet above the dock. CRAZY.

From Bonaire 2008

That photo was taken at Eden Beach Resort, which is the next resort over, our dock is the yellow one in the distance. I didn't have my camera charger for the trip, so we took few topside photos. Leah and Kunal have promised to send their photos of the surge.

The results of the surge ended up being that the Harbour Village folks built an impromptu seawall and brought in a Bobcat to try and save the man made beach. The waters around contained things like floating beach chairs and throughout the day, the beach eroded away A LOT. By night time, the surge had ended, they repaired the beach on Friday and it was like it didn't happen.

Despite the surge, we still dove on Thursday, although we couldn't shore dive and had to cancel the night dive due to loss of visibility. The diving was fine and looking at the dives alone, I wouldn't have known something was wrong. We mostly dove off of Klein Bonaire, had 100 foot visibility and no rough seas at all.

I passed my 100th dive during the trip! I am a Century Diver, and I can apply for the card now. How cool! Not bad for someone who has been diving less than 2 years. Alfonso (dive master) was impressed that Todd actually brought back the same chick 2 years in a row. He also had to confess to Todd that he got married in December... He's a good guy and went above and beyond the call of duty this time, as did Malin. It's crazy that people are remembering us from year to year - dive masters and restaurant owners, etc.

Our non-diving day was Friday, where we drove the southern part of the island, went to Maiky Snack, Donkey Sanctuary, and generally endured the horrific heat. It was a good day, ending with the most beautiful sunset of the trip.

There are photos to come, I promise. Like I said, there were few topside ones, but a lot of underwater ones. More to come later this week, so stay tuned...

See also: Restaurants in Bonaire

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Restaurants in Bonaire

I need to do a whole write up on the trip. I thought I would go ahead and do it tonight, but I just do not have the energy. So, for now, we will just talk about food. You see, Bonaire is the one place that Todd and I visit where we have choice in where to eat. Everywhere else has been some sort of all-inclusive. So, here is a run-down for anyone looking for food on the island:

Cactus Blue
We went to Cactus Blue twice, our first night and our last. We had never tried it before and it was delicious, right up there with the other great restaurants in Bonaire. A new favorite! Our first night, we tried the big cocktails, which were delicious and hit the spot in the Bonaire heat. Todd really loved the plantain appetizer, and we also tried the rib appetizer, Bite & Kiss (shrimp), and delicious Lobster Pumpkin Bisque. It was all delicious. For entrees, we had pizza our first night, and last night we tried Jerk Chicken and Curry chicken. Once again, all very good. Desserts were delicious, Todd approved the Key Lime Pie. I had iced pumpkin, which was unusual and delicious and perhaps the best of all of the desserts I tried during our trip. The owners (Corinna and Hagen) both visited us both times we were there and they remembered us and were very friendly and nice. Worth a visit (or two)!!

Mona Lisa
Oh, Mona Lisa. The best food on the island, hands down. We visited twice, once just the two of us and once with friends Leah and Kunal. Delicious Wahoo, Snapper, Tuna. The tuna sashimi that we had on our first visit was very fresh - Rudy (waiter) said it had only been dead for a couple of hours!! Todd had his favorite apple pie with cinnamon ice cream and I had delicious mango cheesecake.

Wil's Tropical Grill
Another must-do. Wil and Sue are very nice, and remembered us from last year. I had a daiquiri made with fresh mango that was to die for and came with the cutest little wooden turtle attached to it. I finally tried ceviche and it was delicious!!!! Fresh Wahoo was great, and Todd enjoyed his ribs.

Papaya Moon
Another new one for us. Tex Mex. The avocado soup was to die for. The entrees and drinks were good, but it's also a lot of things you can get in the states (enchiladas, quesadillas, etc). Very yummy.

It Rains Fishes
We went to It Rains Fishes for Todd's birthday in 2007, and it was delicious and good. No problems, and what I loved most about it was the colorful decor with paper fishes on the walls. Not anymore. They remodeled, so now it looks a little Las Vegas marble and neon trendy. The menu looks about the same and the food was very very good. The service, though, was terrible. We were often ignored, our food took FOREVER to come, and since we were in there fairly late it seemed that our waitress was more interested in the bigger table nearby and cleaning up other tables around us. We won't be going back there again next year, good food or not. The bad service and changed decor did it for us.

Buenos Aires Cafe

Located right across from KFC, this one is new this year. I didn't eat there, but Todd did (I just had a Polar). The specialty is rotisserie chicken, they also have burgers. Very cheap!! It was only $12 for 2 beers and a half chicken platter that came with fries. I suggest eating here for lunch.

and finally...

Maiky Snack
First of all, it's pronounced "Mikey Snack." Todd was very afraid of this place, but I really pushed to go down there. I'm fairly certain that he figured we wouldn't be able to find it, but I knew where it was. Well, we found it:

From Bonaire 2008

We were the only people there that weren't local. It was CROWDED and HOT. They had on the menu (which was not in English, we had to have it read to us): Goat Stew, Salted Goat, Fried Fish, or Chicken Stew. I went with the goat stew. It came with something that was just like polenta - funchi. It was a lot of food. Very good, and I very much enjoyed it. Plus, I drank yummy mango carrot juice with it. The only bad side - the goats are penned up right there, so you're eating goat while a goat is nearby giving you sad goat eyes. Delicious, be adventurous and give Maiky Snack a try if you're in Bonaire!!

What happened to Richard's?
We were supposed to go to the pier table at Richard's again, as we did last year, but alas, circumstances prevented us from getting there. Next year, perhaps. No matter, honestly our corner candlelight table at Mona Lisa was pretty damn romantic, too. :)
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