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Monday, September 8, 2008

Bonaire Day and Drempels

September 6 was Bonaire Day.  I knew this because I had looked up holidays at some point while researching the trip.  I vaguely remember telling Todd, "hey, the day we leave Bonaire is a holiday."  In response, Todd said "hm," and continued to kill people in BF2, while I moved on to some other Google search.  We both forgot.

So, everything was normal in Bonaire.  Then, Wednesday (9/3), the motorcycles started showing up.  Above average amounts of motorcycles.  Mostly Harley's, and loud ones.  Where did they all come from?  We started to ask around.

Todd: What is with all of the motorcycles?
Local Shop Owner: It's a holiday!!


Todd: Why so many motorcycles?
Waitress: They are from Aruba!
Todd: From Aruba?
Waitress: And Curacao!

I saw a sign and finally remembered that September 6 was Bonaire Day.

Todd: What is Bonaire Day?
Random Bonaire Person: It's the day for Bonaire!


Todd: What is Bonaire Day?  Is it the day you got your Independence?
Waitress: No, it's when we got the flag.

So, Bonaire Day seems to be the day that someone in the Bonairian Government decided on what the flag was going to look like.  This must be the biggest decision that Bonaire has ever made.  To celebrate, they get a day off every year.  What do they do on this day off?  Every person from the ABC Islands with a Harley ships it over to Bonaire and drives it around the island in the loudest way possible, disturbing birds, visitors, restaurants, and sleeping people.  Hundreds and hundreds of Harley's, all revving their engines like thunder.  I found a schedule of events, but it was in Papiamentu.  Apparently, though, we missed "di Happy Band" playing.

What a holiday!!

The other funny thing about Bonaire is "Drempels."  What are drempels?  What do they sound like they are?  We both agreed that they sounded like something from Harry Potter.  Todd thought it would be a Harry Potter candy that you might get on the snack cart on the Hogwarts Express, like, "Hey, Ron, want to share some drempels with me?  We can eat them with a mug of butter beer!"  I thought they sounded more like a little creature that Harry might encounter, like perhaps something that Hagrid smuggled in,"Harry, this is just a drempel.  They are actually very gentle, but the ministry of magic thinks they're dangerous!!"

In fact, they're speed bumps.  I failed to take a photo of the sign, "Let op! Drempels!" while were there, but here is one in Holland.

Too funny.

1 comment:

Nick said...

So what is the proper salutation on Bonaire Day, "Happy Bonaire Day" or "Merry Bonaire Day"?

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