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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On Palin and McCain

This started as a long post that I started drafting last week about Sarah Palin and how I just cannot stand her.  However, it seems like she's become old news and I missed the timeliness of that post while being busy with multiple Bonaire posts.  Now, with AIG and Lehman Brothers and Freddie Mac and Palin and McCain and Biden and Obama and The Fed and Hurricane Ike and gas prices... there are so many things that I'm pissed about that I can hardly even articulate it.  But, let me try.

First, what I had been wanting to say about Palin. I really dislike her. I really, really dislike her.  You see, I do actually consider myself somewhat of a feminist.  I work in a man's job, I like to say "yay, women!" when a woman does something awesome.  BUT...  I think it is a poor choice to be in a high-power, high-intensity, time-draining career like being a governor or a vice president or president when you have five kids.  I think there is a choice that needed to be made on her part, and she chose to do it all.  I'd love to say that she's handled it wonderfully, but she hasn't - she's got a pregnant teenage daughter.  I'm certain that I will get blasted for blaming her parenting, but where was mom when daughter was off having sex???  At the office?  Probably.  One kid, two kids, three kids.  But when you start getting up to 4 and 5 kids, you start to have to make choices between family and career.  Palin chose career.  Being a feminist doesn't mean choosing your career above everything.  For that reason alone, I do not want to see her win this election.

It might be different if she were not a conservative republican.  However, it seems to me that the GOP has touted this teen pregnancy as some sort of victory - oh, because she's not having an abortion!! - but it really IS NOT.  It is not a win for family values, it's a loss.  If anything, it only further drives home the point that teens should have access to birth control and sex education so that they don't have to make that choice between abortion, adoption and becoming a parent before they've reached their twenties.

Blast away at me if you like, but that's my opinion.  Sarah Palin has two jobs - governor of Alaska and being a mom.  It seems to me that she is not balancing the two very well.

Now, about McCain.

I have never, ever liked McCain.  It is completely evident that in each interview he is saying whatever he needs to in order to make himself look good right at that moment.  Just this morning, he was on the CBS Early Show and Harry Smith asked him about the economy.  Apparently, McCain recently said that the economy is strong.  McCain backtracked by saying that "no, I meant the American Worker is strong."

WTF????  Dude, that is not what you said.  That is not what you meant.  Are people really falling for this guy?  Are they really listening to what he has to say?  The American Worker is NOT STRONG because the American economy sucks!  Who is sitting there eating this stuff up??  He repeatedly does this.  The GOP in general repeatedly does this and I must admit that I do NOT UNDERSTAND how someone can support such nonsense.

You see, I used to be patriotic and then sometime in 2002, I lost the love of my country.  Obama has come back and given me hope.  This year, I have gained some hope that we can actually change the path that our country is on.  I thought perhaps we were waking up.  But, I just don't trust the people of this country to make the right choice.  Deep down, I know that voters will choose McCain and they will make that choice out of fear, racism, and misinformation.

I want to sound more hopeful.  I want Obama to win.  Time will tell, and the best I can do is cast my vote with the right candidate.

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Sandra said...

weird, no comments. everyone, to your corners and rock

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