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Monday, September 22, 2008

Relaxing Weekend

Saturday was our longest training run of the season.  Todd ran 27 miles and I ran 17.  It was a beautiful day for a run, and everything felt really great.  My group stopped at 15 (some have already run their race, some aren't running a race until November and others hadn't quite gotten all of their mileage in).  So, I went on alone and felt wonderful.  I could have done more miles if necessary.  This left me in a great mood.

We ended up sleeping a lot on Saturday.  We took a 2 hour nap and then got up and went to new favorite burrito place Salsarita's, which has also become our post-run thing to do this year.  Todd ranks Salsarita's above Chipotle, I have a hard time not putting the classic Chipotle at #1.  Regardless, Salsariat's seems to be the healthiest of the bunch and they know us in there now.

So, we got home from lunch at around 3pm or so and hung out for a while doing internet things (I was finishing up a Shutterfly photo book for Todd this weekend), etc.  Finally around 6pm, Todd said, "Hey, you wanna go back upstairs?"  And we did.  I read for a while, Todd fell asleep, and then I fell asleep.  Woke up at 9pm, thought I should eat some dinner.  Went down and had a bowl of ice cream while Todd continued his nap (I tried to wake him up and failed).  After an hour of still feeling groggy, I went back up and read some more and finally went to sleep around 10pm.  Once we got up in the morning, we'd slept a total of 12-14 hours (I slept 12, Todd slept 14). It was AWESOME.  We've been so busy and so stressed that it was really great to get that much sleep.  Plus, I finished a book!

After lounging around in the morning, we eventually got out and went to the Maryland Wine Festival on Sunday.  We didn't stay a terribly long time, I just really wanted to taste some new wines and see what was up.  We bought from Basignani, Solomon's Island and Fiore.  We couldn't get close enough to even taste at Boordy and Woodhall.  We bought all really sweet wine, that's just I think what your preference is at the wine festival.  Who wants to suck down a glass of dry red when you're standing out in the hot sun?  So, our house is filled with dessert wine now, and I need to at some point pick up some dry white from a liquor store for shrimp scampi skewers that I'm making either tonight or tomorrow (probably tonight).

So, it was a relaxing weekend.  We are in our taper for the Baltimore races now, and we get to take it easy until October 11.  I talked to running friend Caryn about driving the course and she said her friend had done it and, "was only asked to buy drugs a couple times."  Great.  Maybe I should bring enough money to pick up a dimebag on the course -- that post-race party will R-O-C-K!!


Also, any recommendations for new music I could try?

1 comment:

Wacky Neighbor said...

Winterpills, The Light Divides

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