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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Restaurants in Bonaire

I need to do a whole write up on the trip. I thought I would go ahead and do it tonight, but I just do not have the energy. So, for now, we will just talk about food. You see, Bonaire is the one place that Todd and I visit where we have choice in where to eat. Everywhere else has been some sort of all-inclusive. So, here is a run-down for anyone looking for food on the island:

Cactus Blue
We went to Cactus Blue twice, our first night and our last. We had never tried it before and it was delicious, right up there with the other great restaurants in Bonaire. A new favorite! Our first night, we tried the big cocktails, which were delicious and hit the spot in the Bonaire heat. Todd really loved the plantain appetizer, and we also tried the rib appetizer, Bite & Kiss (shrimp), and delicious Lobster Pumpkin Bisque. It was all delicious. For entrees, we had pizza our first night, and last night we tried Jerk Chicken and Curry chicken. Once again, all very good. Desserts were delicious, Todd approved the Key Lime Pie. I had iced pumpkin, which was unusual and delicious and perhaps the best of all of the desserts I tried during our trip. The owners (Corinna and Hagen) both visited us both times we were there and they remembered us and were very friendly and nice. Worth a visit (or two)!!

Mona Lisa
Oh, Mona Lisa. The best food on the island, hands down. We visited twice, once just the two of us and once with friends Leah and Kunal. Delicious Wahoo, Snapper, Tuna. The tuna sashimi that we had on our first visit was very fresh - Rudy (waiter) said it had only been dead for a couple of hours!! Todd had his favorite apple pie with cinnamon ice cream and I had delicious mango cheesecake.

Wil's Tropical Grill
Another must-do. Wil and Sue are very nice, and remembered us from last year. I had a daiquiri made with fresh mango that was to die for and came with the cutest little wooden turtle attached to it. I finally tried ceviche and it was delicious!!!! Fresh Wahoo was great, and Todd enjoyed his ribs.

Papaya Moon
Another new one for us. Tex Mex. The avocado soup was to die for. The entrees and drinks were good, but it's also a lot of things you can get in the states (enchiladas, quesadillas, etc). Very yummy.

It Rains Fishes
We went to It Rains Fishes for Todd's birthday in 2007, and it was delicious and good. No problems, and what I loved most about it was the colorful decor with paper fishes on the walls. Not anymore. They remodeled, so now it looks a little Las Vegas marble and neon trendy. The menu looks about the same and the food was very very good. The service, though, was terrible. We were often ignored, our food took FOREVER to come, and since we were in there fairly late it seemed that our waitress was more interested in the bigger table nearby and cleaning up other tables around us. We won't be going back there again next year, good food or not. The bad service and changed decor did it for us.

Buenos Aires Cafe

Located right across from KFC, this one is new this year. I didn't eat there, but Todd did (I just had a Polar). The specialty is rotisserie chicken, they also have burgers. Very cheap!! It was only $12 for 2 beers and a half chicken platter that came with fries. I suggest eating here for lunch.

and finally...

Maiky Snack
First of all, it's pronounced "Mikey Snack." Todd was very afraid of this place, but I really pushed to go down there. I'm fairly certain that he figured we wouldn't be able to find it, but I knew where it was. Well, we found it:

From Bonaire 2008

We were the only people there that weren't local. It was CROWDED and HOT. They had on the menu (which was not in English, we had to have it read to us): Goat Stew, Salted Goat, Fried Fish, or Chicken Stew. I went with the goat stew. It came with something that was just like polenta - funchi. It was a lot of food. Very good, and I very much enjoyed it. Plus, I drank yummy mango carrot juice with it. The only bad side - the goats are penned up right there, so you're eating goat while a goat is nearby giving you sad goat eyes. Delicious, be adventurous and give Maiky Snack a try if you're in Bonaire!!

What happened to Richard's?
We were supposed to go to the pier table at Richard's again, as we did last year, but alas, circumstances prevented us from getting there. Next year, perhaps. No matter, honestly our corner candlelight table at Mona Lisa was pretty damn romantic, too. :)


Mary said...

cool. I had something like the funchi in St. Thomas as well. :)

Kim said...

Mary, when we were there, we were talking about who might actually try the food at Maiky Snack and you and your lovely husband were tops on my list... :)

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