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Friday, September 26, 2008


I haven't had a thing to blog about this week.  I got my political blog thing out last week, I don't have anything left to say about Bonaire, running is just going on its own right now because I'm in my taper.  I wanted to write about the financial crisis, but it irritates me so much I have little to say without sounding like a lunatic.  So...  I thought I'd just update some.

On Palin and McCain
I still dislike them both, and I have found that it's always a little weird each day to drive from the Obama-land of Owings Mills to Camp McCain in Carroll County.  I usually cut through neighborhoods on my drive home and pass many, many McCain/Palin signs on my drive home.  The other day, I went to get ice cream and the store had a large photo of Sarah Palin behind the counter.  I wanted to ask the owner what he really thought she was going to do for him, but I try not to get involved discussing politics with people who might have a gun, especially since I was in there alone and there would be no witnesses.

Running Motivation
Still missing.  If found, please call me.

Weis Markets
I've brought Todd to Weis a couple of times.  There were no lines at the deli counter and while the music was terrible, they'd turned the volume down.  Now, I think he considers me overly dramatic on the subject.  Regardless, I need to go to the grocery store more often just to save money.  We went through a no-food phase, where we were eating out a lot and that money really adds up.  I can only afford to be a tropical scuba diver by not eating out or going to the movies.

Buying a car
As I think I've mentioned, I'm keeping my CR-V.  It's all related to money and that I don't want a car payment right now.  Gas prices are still high, but as we've discussed, not high enough to justify a new car.  Newer hybrids will be coming out in 2009 and I'll reconsider then.  I had a problem with the CR-V, where it was making a knocking noise while idiling, but it ended up being less than $200 to repair, it was only a loose piece of metal on the underside of the car that had corroded and then easily loosened when I ran over something, as I'm prone to do.  Total 2008 maintenance costs for the CR-V come to around $1200, including new brakes and some other random things.  I think that is really good.  I need to get a new battery before the end of the year, but other than that I don't have anything else to do to it this year.

My Niece
In case people are interested.  Todd and I went to HersheyPark with my niece, nephew and brother a couple weekends ago.  She told me that she's doing fine in school.  She was assigned a mentor, who is teacher that apparently reminds her to do her homework.  Or something.  She was also wearing a safety pin as an earring, which is the type of fashion thing that can only be explained by saying that she is my brother's daughter.  It really was just a safety pin and Todd asked her how much he paid for it.  She said she got it at Hot Topic and it didn't cost "that much," but Todd seems convinced that she paid like $5 for something you can get 100 of for $1.99 at Joann fabrics.  She then left it at our house, so maybe I'll use it to pin on a race number or something.

I didn't end up getting them for Turks & Caicos or Bonaire, but I felt like they were a must for Belize.  So, I went on Wednesday to get them.  Ow. I have a huge lump on my arm still, and it hurts a lot.  It's apparently the Typhoid shot that hurts so much.  I'm really hoping that it goes away soon.

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