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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


  1. I cannot STAND John McCain saying "my friend" over and over. I'm not his friend. I think he's a dickhead.
  2. Mr. McCain also talks too much Senate talk.
  3. Both of these guys are in Congress, so they're both part of what I consider to be a collective of jackasses. Yet, I still feel the governor in the group (Palin) is the stupidest.
  4. McCain said, "Fixing Social Security isn't hard. We know how to fix it." Then he proceeded to not say what is wrong or how he'd fix it.
  5. He's blowing sunshine up our asses talking about the American Worker. He said we're good at importing and exporting here in America! He's thinking of quitting the exporting, and just focusing in on the importing. And this is causing a problem, because, why not do both?
  6. If America is good at importing and exporting, it's importing foreign workers and exporting jobs!!
  7. Why can't these guys stay within their time limits? Can we get the orchestra from the Oscars out here?!
  8. The CNN Ohio Voter Ticker is awesome.


Sandra said...

This made me almost pee myself...

Nick said...

Can you imagine if Brokaw just stood up and said, "GOD DAMMIT! I SAID TIME!" and sucker-punched one of them?

That would make Tom Brokaw the most awesome moderator in the world.

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