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Friday, October 10, 2008

Dude, Get Out of Our Yard!

So, not our next door neighbor, but the neighbors on the other side, so 2 houses down have 2 kids. They're both boys, one is a toddler, maybe 12 months? (Old enough to walk, I am not a good judge of age), the other is bigger, perhaps 2. Both are very young. These kids are always in our yard. It's like a game. One kid runs across our next door neighbor's yard and into our yard. Dad or mom runs after him. The second kid runs after dad or mom. Dad or mom collects kid #1 and walks him back over to their yard. Kid #2 stays in our yard, and when Dad or mom returns to collect Kid #2, Kid #1 follows dad or mom back into our yard again. Repeat indefinitely.

This is irritating for many reasons. First, they come right up to our window and it just feels weird to have this guy grabbing his kid from under our window. Second, last year our glass patio table shattered and glass might still be in our yard. Third, the neighbor between our 2 houses has a dog and doesn't always clean up the dog's doo doo.

I mean, it's just annoying. We don't know these people. Aren't there toys or something that the kids can play with? Are they responsible for the hoola hoop that now hangs from the street light?

What to do? Talk to them? Just endure?


foxdeath said...

I could understand if it happened once in a while but since I work from home, I notice that it happens very often. And even then, it often goes on for over an hour.

Sandra said...

I suggest dressing in cut off flannel shirt, swigging on a bottle of hard liquor, and telling the parents their kids are "real cute." then just leer... If you can tuck one leg of pant into boot and the other one untucked it gives a real read neck look to the whole thing. Oh and ask them if you want them to teach their kids how to clean a gun.

landlord210 said...

Fences make the best neighbors.

Nick said...

Two words:

Claymore Mine

It is my favorite anti-personnel weapon. On the mine it says (I'm serious), "Front toward enemy."

Talk about basic instructions.

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