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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finances: Auto Insurance

So, I just saved a bunch of money on my auto insurance.  I didn't switch to Geico, though.  I went with AAA.  My last auto insurance was with State Farm, who was the cheapest when I got married in 2000.  Dave's parents had been with that agent for years and years, which got us some sort of deal.  Plus, Dave and I both had accidents on our driving records that didn't do us any favors.  I re-evaluated car insurance when I got my CR-V in 2002, but apparently State Farm was at least competitive at the time because we stayed with them.

This month, my premium was due and State Farm raised my car insurance by about $12 for no reason.  My car is getting old and decreasing in value, so this made no sense to me.  Had my premium stayed the same, I probably wouldn't have looked into it, but something about it just really irked me.  Plus, when I went to the AAA office last month to get HersheyPark tickets, the AAA agent told me that they're doing a lot of special promotions for auto insurance right now.  So, i called AAA.  As it turns out, I get a 12% discount from them since I've been a AAA member since 2000.  Hooray!

My final savings on auto insurance: about $240 per year.  That's a lot.  So, look into switching your auto insurance if you're out to save some money.  And always, look into AAA because they ROCK.  Just the amount that I saved for my recent repairs at the Honda Dealership paid for my AAA membership fees for 2 years.  Plus the money I saved on my Hershey Park tickets, and now auto insurance.

Here's a helpful site I used, as well:  How Much Auto Insurance Do You Need?

1 comment:

Eva Caroline said...

I agree that it's far better to have AUTO INSURANCE
just in case then to risk not having it. It's good to look around for the best policy for your needs, but no matter what you get, it's better to get then to go without!

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