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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Michael Buble

We went to the Baltimore Arena last night to see Michael Buble in concert. What a good time! We went with friends Jim & Jackie. Our seats were on the side, but pretty decent. The group that opened was called Naturally 7 and they were quite good. They are a group of 7 guys that sing without instruments. Not exactly a cappella, because they make the sound of instruments (drums, guitars, synthesizers) while they sing. Pretty cool.

Michael Buble was AWESOME! I haven't seen a really good concert in a while. Kenny Chesney is OK, but his concerts feel so marketed and canned (not to mention nonsense with drunken asses). Michael Buble really engaged the crowd, he was funny and charming. He even appealed to the guys that were there only because their wives & girlfriends wanted to go. He made fun of himself and the fact that housewives buy his CDs. He's hot in a Leonardo DiCaprio kind of way...

If you get the chance, go see Michael Buble. He was a ton of fun, sang some great songs, and even Todd and Jim admitted that they enjoyed themselves.

Good times!

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