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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My eye!

Yeah, it sucks. Last week, my eye started watering. No explanation. It kind of came with a migraine, but once the migraine was gone, the eye continued to water. No pain, no itchiness, no redness. Everything looked normal except for the tears. It has been almost a week and yesterday I'd finally had enough. I made a doctor appointment and went to the eye doc this afternoon.

I have a clogged tear duct. So, my eye produces tears, but doesn't drain them. The doctor numbed my eye, then poked at my eye with a probe, trying to clean out the tear duct. At first, it really seemed to work. Now, though, my eye is still filling up with tears. It's draining a little better, but it's just highly annoying.

Grr. Please, eye, be all better again.

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